International Conference on the

Dynamics of Celestial Bodies

23 – 26 June  2008,  Litohoro – Olympus, Thessaloniki, Greece

In honor of Prof. John D. Hadjidemetriou




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Scientific topics

The conference is concerned with Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical systems with applications in Astronomy.  It aims to include treatment of 

  • N-body dynamics with applications in Planetary dynamics,
  • Resonances and periodic orbits,
  • Space Dynamics, 
  • Chaos and Computer Methods for Dynamical Systems,
  • Methods and Tools for Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and symplectic maps.     



Proceedings (Online)


List of Participants





Book of Abstracts


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Scientific Organizing Committee


Rudolf Dvorak (Institute of Astronomy, Vienna , Austria)
Sylvio Ferraz-Mello (University of Sao Paulo,  Brazil)
Claude Froeschle (Observatoire de Nice, France)
Jacques Henrard (University of Namur, Belgium)
Zoran Knezevic (Belgrade Astronomical Observatory, Serbia)
Harold Levison (Southwest Research Institute, U.S.A.)
Yi-Sui Sun (Nanjing University, China)
Giovanni Valsecchi (Institute of Astrophysics and Space
, Roma, Italy)


Invited Speakers


 Alessandro Morbidelli,   OCA - CNRS

 Andrea Milani,  Univ. of Piza

 Cristián Beaugé,  University of Cordoba

 David Nesvorny,  Southwest Research Institute

 George Contopoulos,  Academy of Athens

 George Bozis,  University of Thessaloniki

 Jacques Laskar, IMCCE Paris

 Massimiliano Guzzo, University of Padova



Local  Organizing Committee*


Harry Varvoglis (chair),

George Voyatzis

Kleomenis Tsiganis

Efi Meletlidou

Vassilis Koukouloyannis

Thomas Kotoulas

Fotini Zervaki


Secretarial support by  Maria Vraka


*members of the group of Dynamics and Study of Mechanics in the Section of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mechanics, Department of Physics,  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.





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General Secretariat of Research and Technology, GR

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Hellenic Astronomical Society


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Municipality of Litohoro

Research Committee of AUTh

Prefecture of Pieria

Holy Metropolis of Nea Krini and Kalamaria

Holy Metropolis of  Mesogeas and Lavreotikis


Hellenic Astronomical Society

Department of Physics of  AUTh 

School of Science of AUTH

Parishes of Ag.Nikolaos and Ag. Demetrios of Litohoro

Educational & Cultural Foundation “St. Gregory Palamas”

Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics of AUTH