Curriculum Vitae

Nikolaos Raikos

Address: Laboratory of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Aristotle University, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +302310999206

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2000
B.A, Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , 1988

Medical Degree, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2009

Research Areas:

Toxicological Analysis of Drugs, Heavy metals, Metabonomics, Chromatographic Separation Sciences

Participation in research projects:

1.         "International Collaborative Exercises (I.C.E.)". United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 1995- today.

2.         “Determination of toxic substances”. Research Committee, Aristotle University. 1995- today.

3.         “Sensors for Chemical Weapons Detection Based on Molecurarly Imprinted Polymers”, Collaborative Linkage Grant. Cooperative Science and Technology Programme, ΝΑΤΟ Science Programme. 2003-2006.

4.         “Determination of resperidone levels in blood and hair samples of psychiatric patients ” Research Committee, Aristotle University. 2005.

5.         “Detection and determination of heavy metals (Pb, Cd) levels in cephalopods tissues before and afterwards their treatment in the cannery. Research Committee, A.T.E.I. of Thessaloniki. 2002 – 2004.

6.         Bilateral Agreement Greece-Romania 2006-2008. "Knowledge based multifunctional materials for biotechnological and biomedical use. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and pH/thermoresponsible micro- and nanospheres for the Development of novel drug delivery systems and analytical tools for pharmaceuticals".

7.         Bilateral Agreement Greece- Czech Republic 2006-2008, with the University of Pardubice "Monolithic Polymeric Phases for Capillary Chromatography and Capillary ElectroChromatography Analysis of Biomolecule Enantiomers".

Grants and Fellowships:

  •  Grant from Commission of the European Community at the Indoor Pollution Unit of the JRC’s Environment Institute of Ispra (Italy).

Member of the following Societies:

  • Society of Greek Chemists
  • Hair Testing Society
  • The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT)
  • Medical Society of Thessaloniki
  • Sports Medicine Association of Greece
  • Greek Association of Forensic Sciences
  • Greek Association of Toxicology
  • Greek Association of Study of dependence producing drugs


Publications in international journals: 26

Citations: 201

Journal Publications:

1. “Comparative study of different techniques for nitrate determination in environmental water samples”.

N. Raikos, K. Fytianos, C. Samara, V. Samanidou.

Fresenius Z. Anal. Chemie, 331, 495–98, 1988.

2. “Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous and Wastewater Samples using Aluminum Salts”.

K. Fytianos, E. Voudrias, N. Raikos.

J. of Environ. Science and Health, Part A: Environmental Science and Engineering, 31 (10), 2621–2634, 1996.

3. “Spectrophotometric Determination of Anionic Surfactants in Aqueous and Enivronmental water samples with cationic dyes”.

K. Fytianos, D. Vasilakakis, N. Raikos.

J. of Environ. Science and Health. Part A. Environmental Science and Engineering, 32(4), 953–962, 1997.

4. “Determination of Non–ionic surfactants of the Nonylphenol Polyethoxylate type by HPLC in wastewater”

K. Fytianos, S. Pegiadou, N. Raikos, I. Eleftheriadis, H. Tsoukali.

Chemosphere, 35, 1423–1429, 1997.

5. “Modeling of phosphate removal from aqueous and wastewater samples using ferric iron”.

K. Fytianos, E. Voudrias, N. Raikos.

Environmental Pollution, 101, 123–130, 1998.

6. “Determination of opiates in postmortem bone and bone marrow”

Raikos N., Tsoukali H., Njau S.N.

Forensic Science International, 123, 140-141, 2001.  

7. “Amphetamine Derivative Related Deaths in northern Greece.

N. Raikos, H. Tsoukali, D. Psaroulis, N. Vassiliadis, M.Tsoungas, S.N. Njau.

Forensic Science International, 128: 31-34, 2002.  

8. “Cross Reaction of High Concentrations of Ranitidine with the Abbott Amphetamine/ Methamphetamine II Assay”.              

H. Tsoukali, N. Raikos, D. Psaroulis.

Bulletin of The International Association Of Forensic Toxicologists, Vol. XXXI, Number 2: 12-13, 2001.


9. “Determination of amphetamines in human urine by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography”.

N. Raikos , K. Christopoulou , G. Theodoridis , H. Tsoukali , D. Psaroulis. 

Journal of Chromatography B, 789: 59–63, 2003.


10. “Preparation of a molecularly imprinted polymer for the solid-phase extraction of scopolamine with hyoscyamine as a dummy template molecule”.

G. Theodoridis, A. Kantifes, P. Manesiotis, N. Raikos and H. Tsoukali.

Journal of Chromatography A, 987, 103-109, 2003.


11. “Headspace solid phase microextraction for the gas chromatographic analysis of methyl-parathion in post-mortem human samples. Application in a suicide case by intravenous injection”.

H. Tsoukali, N. Raikos, G. Theodoridis, D. Psaroulis.

Forensic Science International, 143, 127-132, 2004.


12. “Solid phase microextraction gas chromatographic analysis of organophosphorus pesticides in biological samples”.

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13. “Lead and cadmium concentrations in fresh, frozen and canned squids”.

A. Elefteriadou, G. Samouris, N. Zantopoulos, N. Raikos.

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14. “Solid phase microextraction applied to the analysis of organophosphorus insecticides in fruits”

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15. “Heroin metabolites detection in saliva and blood”

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16. “Comparison of lead and cadmium concentrations in raw and canned squids”.
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17. “Cocaine metabolism and detection in saliva and blood”

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18. “Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction for the gas chromatographic analysis of organophosphorus insecticides in vegetables”

Kostantinos Fytianos, Garyfallia Drimaropoulou, Nikolaos Raikos, Georgios Theodoridis, Heleni Tsoukali

Journal of AOAC International, Vol. 90, 6, pp. 1677-1681, 2007.


19. “A new method for the HPLC determination of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) following derivatization with a coumarin analogue and fluorescence detection. Application in the analysis of biological fluids”

 C. Zacharis, N. Raikos, N. Giouvalakis, H. Tsoukali, G. Theodoridis

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20. “Sodium-Lithium Countertransport Activity in Healthy, Dyslipidemic, and Hypertensive Individuals
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23. “Develpoment of a Liquid-Liquid Extraction Procedure for the Analysis of Amphetamine in Biological Specimens by GC-FID”.

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26.Analysis of anaesthetics and analgesics in human urine by headspace SPME and GC”.
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JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE,32, 7, 1018-1026, 2009.