• Momentum, heat and mass transfer applied to engineering and physics applications
  • Interfacial and multiphase flows, phase change and effect of surfactants
  • Thin films, complex rheology, flows induced by electric and magnetic fields
  • Analytical methods for solving partial differential equations, perturbation methods
  • Dynamical systems and stability analysis based on bifurcation theory
  • Numerical methods for solving basic and applied problems (finite elements, finite differences, finite volumes, etc.), solution of large scale problems, iterative techniques and preconditioning, eigenvalues and eigenvector calculations of large systems.

My research interests are focused on the area of transport phenomena, fluid mechanics and applied mathematics. Particular emphasis is placed on the fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms in interfacial and multiphase flows motivated by a wide variety of technological and biological applications. These range from evaporative cooling, surfactant-replacement therapy, crude-oil, polymer and food processing, coating flow technology to microfluidics and nanotechnology. The fascinating phenomena that emerge in the motion of liquids are investigated using advanced theoretical models the solution of which typically requires a combination of analytical tools, such as asymptotics and perturbation theory, and the development of efficient computational methods.