The Laboratory of Professor Costas Triantaphyllidis


The Laboratory of Professor Costas Triantaphyllidis is engaged in a wide range of innovative research projects related to morphological, cytogenetic, biochemical and DNA analysis of various animal species. The laboratory has almost 30 years experience in analysing the genetic composition of numerous animal groups (i.e. fish, Artemia, mammals, insects, humans) using advanced genetic techniques:


Much of the work has focused on the population genetics and the molecular genetics of fish (Salmo trutta, Silurus glanis, Mullus barbatus, Leuciscus cephalus, Trachurus trachurus) and other animal species (Mytilus galoprovincialis, European lobster). Study of human populations involves the analysis of the genetic composition of Greeks (mtDNA, autosomal microsatellites and Y-linked markers), the investigation of common diseases (cystic fibrosis, tuberous sclerosis, thalassaemia and diabetes), and the application of genetics in medico-legal cases.


    The research Team directed by Prof. Costas Triantaphyllidis works in fish and human genetics since 1980. The Lab has established an excellent record of co-ordination of international projects with many and varied laboratories across Europe. Professor C. Triantaphyllidis has successfully led, as Scientist in charge, several research projects (EU funded, National Greek projects, international bilateral projects and NATO). He is currently a partner in two EU-funded project (QLK5-CT1999-01157) concerning the “Genetic identification of fish eggs by species specific DNA markers for use in stock biomass assessments and detection of commercial fraud”, and (QLRT-2001-01302) concerning the “Genetic implications in the production of rotifers in commercial hatcheries” and one National project.





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