Alexios Polidoros

Genetics and Plant Breeding Laboratory

Molecular Breeding  Group


Dr. Alexios N. Polidoros is an Assistant Professor of Molecular Breeding at the School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). He received his PhD on Molecular Genetics at the Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding of AUTh studying molecular aspects of heterosis in maize including the role quantitative variation in gene expression and role of epigenetic changes in DNA methylation. Then he joined as a Post-doc the Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University studying antioxidant gene responses to abiotic stress with Prof. john Scandalios for more than 4 years. Returning in Greece he was appointed Senior Researcher at the Institute of Agrobiotechnology (INA) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) where he worked for 8 years. His lab has received funding to investigate the role of MADS-box genes in flower development in crocus as well as in fruit development in peach with focus to stone abnormalities like split-pit and shattered pits in peach fruits. He has also received funding and worked on the application of DNA microarrays in GMO detection and development of specific GMO detection tests. Finally, he has worked with molecular markers to examine genotypic variation in populations of Medicago truncatula and varieties of olive trees in Greece. He has long experience and expertise in the fields of Plant Molecular Biology, Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology. He is currently teaching the undergraduate course of Genetics and the graduate course of Molecular Breeding.


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