Selected Publications

The most recent publications are available at my research group page.

Dimitriadis S, Laskaris N., Tzelepi A.
"On the Quantization of time-varying phase synchrony patterns into distinct Functional Connectivity Microstates (FCμstates) in a multi-trial visual ERP paradigm"
Brain Topography, 2013

Iakovidou N., Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N.,et al.
"On the discovery of group-consistent graph substructure patterns from brain networks"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2013 doi

Liparas D., Laskaris N., Angelis L.
"Incorporating Resting State Dynamics in the Analysis of Encephalographic Responses by means of the Mahalanobis - Taguchi Strategy".
Expert Systems with Applications, 2013 doi

Laskaris N. et al.
"Improved detection of amnestic MCI by means of Discriminative Vector Quantization of Single-Trial cognitive ERP responses"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods. vol. 212 (2): 344–354, 2013 doi

Ioannides A., Dimitriadis S., Saridis G., Voultsidou M., Poghosyan V., Liu L. and Laskaris N.
"Source Space Analysis of Event-Related Dynamic Reorganization of Brain Networks"
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 2012, Article ID 452503, doi:10.1155/2012/452503

Dimitriadis S., Kanatsouli K., Laskaris N. et al.
"Surface EEG shows that functional segregation via phase coupling contributes to the neural substrate of mental calculations".
Brain and Cognition. vol. 80(1): 45-52, 2012. doi

Adamos D., Laskaris N. et al.
"In quest of the missing neuron: Spike sorting based on dominant-sets clustering".
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. vol. 107(1): 28–35, 2012. doi

Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.
"Analyzing Functional Brain Connectivity by Means of Commute Times: A New Approach and its Application to Track Event-Related Dynamics".
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering .vol 59(5): 1302-1309, 2012 10.1109/TBME.2012.2186568

Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.
"A novel symbolization scheme for multichannel recordings with emphasis on phase information and its application to differentiate EEG activity from different mental tasks".
Cognitive Neurodynamics. vol.6(1):107-113, 2012 doi

Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.
"An EEG study of brain connectivity dynamics at the resting state"
Nonlinear Dynamics Psychology and Life Sciences . vol.16(1): 5-22, 2012

Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.
"Tracking brain dynamics via time-dependent network analysis"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 193(1): 145-155, 2010 doi

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"NASS: an empirical approach to Spike Sorting with overlap resolution based on a hybrid Noise-Assisted methodology"
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Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.
"What does delta band tell us about cognitive processes: A mental calculation study"
Neuroscience Letters, vol. 483(1): 11-15, 2010 doi

Tzelepi A., Laskaris N. et al.
"Saccades and attention shifts to horizontal and vertical targets: an MEG study"
Brain Research. vol.1321: 105-116. 2010. doi

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"Use of Random Time-Intervals (RTIs) Generation for Biometric Verification"
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"Characterizing Dynamic Functional Connectivity Across Sleep Stages from EEG"
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"Beyond FCM: Graph-theoretic post-processing algorithms for learning and representing the data structure"
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"On the perceptual organization of image databases using cognitive discriminative biplots"
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"Combining self-organizing neural nets with multivariate statistics for efficient color image retrieval" Computer Vision and Image Understanding. vol.102(13): 250-258, 2006. doi

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"A Generic Scheme for color image retrieval based on the Wald-Wolfowitz test"
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Laskaris N., Fotopoulos S.
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"Mining Information from event-related recordings"
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Laskaris N., Ioannides A.:
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