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School of theology





A. Undergraduate Courses

1. Winter term

Catechetics and Christian Pedagogic, 7th semester, 2 h/w

The teaching is based on the total of 12 chapters of the relative book.

First is the approach and the documentation of Catechetics and Christian Pedagogic as scientific fields, their relations with similar scientific fields as well as the frame of the reflections on the subject.

Then is attempted a historic examination of the Catechetics and Christian Education in the Biblical space up totheir important expressions in the Christianity, both in the West and the East, with particular emphasis in the Hellenic space.

The research methodology, the aim, the content, the means and the modern problems of the science - with explicit reports to the subject, the carriers but also the institutions that serve it - will supplement the explicit picture of the object.

Finally, the connection of fact of Catechetics and Christian education with new data of social reality, like the mass media, with other sectors of education, like the cross-cultural education, the inter-religious education, the special education, aim to compose the completed and real dimension, but also the offering prospects and possibilitiesto the modern educator.

Teaching book: Ioannis V. Kogoulis, "Catechetics and Christian Pedagogic ", Publications Kiriakidis Brothers 2nd edition, Thessaloniki 2000.

2. Spring term

Introduction to Pedagogics, 2nd senester, 4 h/w

The content of teaching concerns a wide view on the basic elements of Pedagogic Science with main axes its scientific character, the object, the methodology and the methodological research problems as well as its relation with the sciences of education and the other humanitarian sciences.

The historical view is considered essential with explicit reports to the phenomenon of education, as met in populations and religions, but also in currents or tendencies and ideals that dominated from time to time up to-day. The view of the phenomenon of education is not finished here since the study of modern Pedagogic in relation withthe possibilities, the prospects, the aims, the educative goods, the methods, the means, the institutions, with forms of other forms of education under the aspect of new pedagogical social reflections, reveal the role of education not only for its subject, student, but also for the schoolteacher or professor and the society in general. Our main objective is the scientific and pedagogical armoring of the students, which is an essential issue for their development and their prospects.

Teaching book :

Ioannis V. Kogoulis, "Introduction to Pedagogics ", 4th edition, Kiriakidi Brothers, Thessaloniki 1997.

B. Courses under choice

1. Winter term

a) The course of Religion in secondary education, 3 h/w

Generally it investigates the place of religious education and more specifically the course of Religion in the educational policy which was applied in the recent past, the curricula of course of Religion that were in effect from time to time in secondray education, as well as the teaching books that were used. Finally it deals with the instructive personnel that directly or indirectly served the course of Religion.

Teaching books :

Ioannis V. Kogoulis, "The course of Religion in secondary education (1833-1932) ", 1st v., Publications Kiriakidi Brothers, Thessaloniki 1993,

Ioannis V. Kogoulis, "The course of Religion in the secondary education during the fifty-year period 1932 1982 ", 2nd v., Publications Kiriakidi Brothers, Thessaloniki 1993.

b) The school class as social team and the group collaborative teaching and learning, 3 h/w

It deals with the school class as social team and what this involves from sociological, psychological and pedagogic viewpoint. The examination of the school class takes place mainly under the aspectr of operation not only at the level of socialization but also at level of teaching and learning and in particular under the aspect of group collaborative form.

The interest is focused on the internal operation of the group, the students and the schoolteachers or professors in full correspondence with the pedagogical principles and the reality of the Greek school.

Teaching book :

Ioannis V. Kogoulis, "The school class as social team and the group colaborative teaching and learning " , Publications Kiriakidi Brothers, Thessaloniki 1994.

2. Winter term

Cult education during childhood and adolescence, 3 h/w

Each catechistical and Christian pedagogy operation, aiming to the covering of the needs of the ecclesiastical community members, is related with the Christian education of children and adolescents.

Negotiating the education in question we refer to the position of the children and adolescents in the cult life of the Church, as it is recorded in its history, in the theological and Christian pedagogic regard, in the role of theparish, the families and the school, to the materialization of cult education and, finally, in the problems and thepossibilities of concretization.