Research Programmes



1)         Marie-Curie Fellowship (Dr. Zhao Youcai), "Reclamation of metals from solid wastes containing heavy or/and rare metals", Contract no. CI1*-CT94-0568.


2)         Environment, "The removal and recovery of cadmium by biosorption, flotation and electrolysis", Contract no. EVWA-CT92-0003.


3)         Human Capital & Mobility, "Mechanisms of sorption of priority pollutants from aqueous solutions onto new inorganic sorbents", Contract no. CHRX-CT93-0272.


4)         PENED '95, Greek Secretariat Reseach & Technology, ˛Removal of toxic metal ions by sorption flotation: application of goethite˛.


5)         Training through Research - Environment and Climate (Mr. M. Lehmann), "Development of a sampling and monitoring method to detect toxic metals in industrial wastewater and surface water by sorption", contract no. ENV4-CT96-5052.


6)         EU 5th Framework Programme - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (2001), ˛Selective separation of toxic metals from specific industrial wastewater streams for water and metals reuse˛, Ccontract no. ENVK1-CT-2000-00083.


7)         Programme Herakleitos, GSRT, ˛Development of catalysts based on silver for olephines epoxidation˛, 1/11/02 - 15/10/05.


8)         Programme Pythagoras (Enviroment), GSRT, ˛Application of innovative methods to the treatment of textile liquid wastes˛, 1/4/04 - 30/8/06.


9)         PENED 2003, GSRT, ˛Treatment of industrial liquid wastes for the removal of pollutants by the use of innovative micro- / mesoporous adsorbent materials and ceramic membranes˛, 1/10/05 - 31/3/08.