Scientific Meetings & Symposia



1)         Solvent Extraction, Soc. Chem. Ind.-Inst. Chem. Engrs., Newcastle, UK, 7-9 Sept. 1976.


2)         Treatment of Wastewaters from Chemical Industries, Inst. Wat. Pollut. Control-IChE, Newcastle, UK, 20-2 Sept. 1977.


3)         1st Balkan Chem. Days Conf., Greek Assoc. Chem., Athens,17-19 Apr.1980; poster "Electrolytic flotation in industrial effluent treatment".


4)         Hydrometallurgical Process Fundamentals, NATO Advanced Research Institute, Cambridge, UK, 25-31 July 1982.


5)         Synthetic Membranes, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Alcabideche, Portugal, 26 June- 8 July 1983; short communication "The use of a membrane in electrolytic flotation".


6)         Intl. Symp. Advances in Solid/Liquid Separation, Soc. Chem. Ind., London, 19-21 Sept. 1983; paper presentation.


7)         Technology of Pollution Prevention, Four days mtg., Greek Assoc. Chem., 7, 9,14 & 16 May 1984; lecture "Some applications of electrochemistry in anti-pollution technology" (Gr.).


8)         5th Europ. Conf. Envir. Pollution, EPRI (Cananda), Amsterdam, June 1984; paper presentation. 


9)         Mineral Processing Design, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Bursa, Turkey, 20-31 Aug. 1984.


10)       9th Natl. Chem. Conf.- Chemistry and Industry, Athens, 5-10 Nov. 1984.


11)       Ion Exchange: Science and Technology, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Troia, Portugal, 14-26 July 1985; short communication "Flotation techniques in dilute aqueous solutions".


12)       5th Intl. Conf. Heavy Metals in the Environment, CEP Consultants (Edinburgh), Athens, Sept. (1985); poster "Separation of chromium by flotation techniques".


13)       Intl. Mtg. Exploitation of Low Calorific Value Solid Fuels, Public Power Corp., Ptolemais, Greece, 26-28 Sept. 1985.


14)       Mineral Processing at a Crossroads, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Falmouth, UK, 24 Mar.-4 Apr. 1986; lecturer.


15)       Adsorption - Science and Technology, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Vimeiro, Portugal, 17-29 July 1988.


16)       12th Natl. Chem. Conf.- Chemical Education, Thessaloniki, 21-25 Nov. 1988.


17)       Innovations in Advanced Flotation Technology, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Kallithea, Chalkidiki (Greece), 12-25 May 1991; director & lecturer.


18)       II Conf. Envir. Sci. & Technol., Univ.Aegean, Molyvos, Lesvos (Greece), 2-5 Sept. 1991; paper "The problem of fine particles and its solution by flotation techniques" (Gr.).


19)       Separation of Particles from Water (A symposium to mark the retirement of Prof. K.J. Ives), IAWQ, London, 10-11 Sept. 1992; paper presentation.


20)       (a) External examiner (1992) of K. Repanas, Ph.D. candidate at Chem. & Process Eng. Dept., Univ. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK; also, visit at the Microbiology Dept., Medical School and talks for a research programme application.

(b) EU Environment, "The removal and recovery of cadmium by biosorption, flotation and electrolysis" (contract no. EVWA-CT92-0003, 27 months); a similar one followed with acronym Bioelecdetox (no. ENV4-CT95-0568, 3 years, AUTh scientific responsible Dr. A.I. Zouboulis). Meetings at (i-ii) Envir. Eng. Lab., Dept. Civil Eng, Newcastle Univ. (twice), (iii) Dept. Eng. Quimica, IST and (iv) IMP Metals Dept, INETI, Lisboa.


21)       Metals - Microorganisms Relationships and Applications, FEMS Symp., Metz, France, 5-7 May 1993; poster "Flotation of fine particulate matter".


22)       2nd European Recycling Workshop, Environment-EC, Brussels, 29-30 June 1994; presentation "Flotation recovery of cadmium-loaded biomass".


23)       Human Capital & Mobility Network, "Mechanisms of sorption of priority pollutants from aqueous solutions onto new inorganic sorbents" (contract no. CHRX-CT93-0272, 3 years); meetings at (i) Lab. P. Sue, Centre d` Etudes de Saclay, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France; (b) Lab. Agrégats Moléculaires et Matériaux Inorg., Univ. Montpellier, France; (c) Dept. Chem., Univ. Reading, UK.


24)       Biotechnologies for Radioactive and Toxic Wastes Management and Site Restoration: Scientific. Educational, Social, Economical, Business Aspects, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Mol, Belgium, 24 Nov.-2 Dec. 1994, presentation "Biosorption and Flotation of Metal Ions"; session Chairman and rapporteur.


25)       Australian-Greek Award, Visiting fellowship, 31 days, March (1995) - invitation by Division of Chemicals and Polymers, CSIRO, Clayton, Victoria (Dr. D. Dixon) and visits giving a research lecture also to: (i) Div. Miner. Process Eng, IMEC, CSIRO, Clayton, Victoria; (ii) Div. Miner. Products, CSIRO, Port Melbourne, Victoria; (iii) Dept. Wat. Eng., Kensington, Univ. New South Wales; (iv) Div. Coal Energy Tech., CSIRO, Lucas Heights, NSW; (v) Dept. Chem. Eng., Univ. Newcastle; (vi) Newcastle Lab., Miner. Process., BHP Res., Wallsend, NSW; (vii) Julius Kruttschnitt Miner. Res. Centre, Univ. Queensland, Indooroopilly; (viii)  Adv. Miner. Products Res. Centre, School Chem., Univ. Melbourne, Parkville; (ix) School Chem. Tech., Univ. South Australia, The Levels; (x) Miner. Process. Lab., CSIRO, Bentley, Western Australia; (xi) A.J. Parker Corp. Res. Centre hydrometallurgy, Curtin and Murdoch Univ., Perth, WA.


26)       3rd European Workshop, Recycling Technologies, 19-21 April 1995, Seibersdorf, Austria.


27)       ION-EX '95, 4th Intl. Conf., 10-14 Sept. 1995, Wrexham, UK. Presentation ²Removal of metals from dilute aqueous solutions by biosorbents² (published in ²Progress in Ion Exchange – Advances and applications², A. Dyer, M.J. Hudson and P.A. Williams (eds.), RSC, London (1997), pp. 235-241.)


28)       BIOTECH '96, International Symposium on Biotechnology in Minerals Engineering, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, March 25-27, 1996, presentation "Biosorptive flotation for Cd2+ removal from effluents".


29)       European Workshop on Recycling Technologies, Treatment of Waste and Contaminated Sites, Hannover, Germany, May 20-24, 1996, poster "Recovery of heavy metals from effluents by sorption (or biosorption) and flotation".


30)       Mineral Processing and the Environment: Improving the quality of life, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Varna, Bulgaria, August 18-30, 1996, presentation "Removal and recovery of metals from dilute solutions: applications of flotation techniques", member of the organising committee and rapporteur.


31)       Natural Waters and Water Technology: Water Treatment Processes, ESF Research Conference, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, October 25-30, 1996, lecture "Water treatment processes which involve the flocculation of ultra-fine particles".


32)       Chemical Research and Industry, Greek Assoc. Chem., "Dimokritos" Center, Athens, Dec. (1997), presentation "Chemical technology processes: application to depollution technology and materials recovery" (in Greek).


33)       1st Intl. Conf. Chemical Sciences and Industry, Chem. Soc. South-East European Countries, Chalkidiki, June 1-4, 1998, session lecture "Toxic metals removal from aqueous solutions by goethite".


34)       Visit to Dept. Nuclear Chem., Czech Tech. Univ., Prague under the bilateral exchanges agreement, June (1998); lecture ²Toxic metals removal from water by sorptive flotation².


35)       Management of Chemical Research, Development and Innovation, NATO Advanced Study Institute, Budapest, Aug. 31 - Sept. 11, 1998.


36)       Applications of Natural Microporous Materials to Environmental Technology, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Smolenice, Slovak Republic, Oct. 26-30, 1998, lecture " Goethite mineral as a sorbent for heavy metal ions".


37)       (i) Chemical Research and the Strategy of the Department, Meeting, Chem. Dept. AUTH, Thessaloniki, 23 & 30 Nov. 1998, talk on "The cooperation of University-Industry" (in greek), published in Chemica Chronica - General Edition 61, 19-22 (1999). (ii) Certain thoughts for the evaluation of research, Chemica Chronica – General Edition 61, 238-242 (1999) (in greek).


38)       2nd Natl. Scient. Conf. Chem. Engg, Thessaloniki, May 27-29, 1999, presentation "Removal of metals from dilute aqueous solutions by biosorption and flotation" (in Greek).


39)       Industry as a Stimulator of Technology Transfer, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Warsaw - Bialystok, Poland, Sept. 23-26, 1999, lecture "Educational experience and aspects of industrial chemistry".


40)       2nd Euroconference Bacterial-Metal/Radionuclide Interaction: Basic Research and Bioremediation, Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Dresden, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2000, presentation "Metals loading on biomass and its separation by flotation".


41)       The 4th Intl. Conf. Flotation in Water and Waste Water Treatment, IWWA, Helsinki, 11-14 Sept. 2000, oral presentation (paper).


42)       (i) Natural Waters and Water Technology: Impact of Metal Speciation on Water Technology, EURESCO Conference, Albufeira, Portugal, 7-12 Oct. 2000, lecture "Metals separation and recovery from water by adsorbing colloid flotation"; (ii) Meeting at the Food and Environmental Chemistry, Madeira University, Portugal, 13-14 Oct. 2000, similar lecture.


43)       EU 5th Framework Programme - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (2001), ²Selective separation of toxic metals from specific industrial wastewater streams for water and metals reuse² (contract no. ENVK1-CT-2000-00083, 3 years, site; visits/meetings to (a) Upt - Institute for Environmentally Compatible Process Technology, Saarland University, Saarbrücken (twice); (b) TNO – Institute of Environmental Sciences, Energy Research and Process Innovation, Department of Chemical Engineering, The Netherlands and S-Search membranes company; (c) Institute of Mechanics, Sofia.


44)       Froth Flotation / Dissolved Air Flotation: Bridging the Gap Conf., United Engineering Foundation, 20-25 May 2001, Tahoe City California, member of the organizing committee’ paper: ²Sorptive flotation for metal ions recovery².


44)       First European Bioremediation Conference, TU Crete, Chania, 2-5 July 2001, oral paper: ²Heavy metals recovery by biosorption and flotation².


45)       ESF Workshop, In-Situ Reactive Barriers versus Pump and Treat Methods for Groundwater Remediation, BAM, Berlin, 18-19 Oct. 2001, paper presentation. Metals loading on sorbents and their separation in Advanced Groundwater Remediation - Active and passive technologies, F.G. Simon, T. Meggyes and C. McDonald (eds.), ESF, Thomas Telford (2002), pp.103-113.


46)       1st Symposium on the Professional Career Changes of Chemists and the Developments in Chemical Science, Greek Assoc. Chem., Athens 29-31 March 2002, oral presentation ²Chemists employment: the profile of AUTh graduates² (in greek). A similar talk was also given in Ioannina during a meeting of the local division of the Greek Assoc. Chem., 15 Nov. 2002.

(ii) ²The dynamics of innovation and the model of triple helix², Chemica Chronica 64 (3), 83-86 (2002) (in Greek).


47)       V. Intl. Conf. Metallurgy, Refractories and Environment, High Tatras, Slovakia, 13-17 May 2002; member of the International Honorary Committee, paper presentation: ²Metals loading on sorbents and their separation by flotation²; visit to TU Kosice.


48)       34th International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy, Technical Fac. Bor Yugoslavia, 30 Sept.-3 Oct. 2002; member of the Scientific Committee, invited plenary lecture: ²Mining and metallurgy: considerations of past activity, present state and future perspectives²; oral paper presentation: ²Dispersed-air vs. dissolved-air flotation: a comparison applied to metal-loaded goethite².


49)       1st Panhellenic Symposium on Porous Materials: Synthesis, Characterisation, Processes, Univ. of Ioannina, 21-2 March 2003, oral presentation ²Flotation as a separation process of adsorbent materials²  (in greek).


50)       Visit (following invitation) to the Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus; 3-4 April 2003, lecture on ²Biosorption of toxic heavy metals for their removal from aqueous solutions or wastes² (in greek).


51)       a) Meeting with a group from Süleyman Demirel University from Isparta, Thessaloniki, 14 April 2003; presentation ²About the School of Chemistry, AUTh².   


b) Visit to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, SDU, Isparta Turkey, Sept. 5th 2003, seminar on ²Metals biosorption & flotation separation of loaded microorganisms².


52)       Nanoengineered Nanofibrous Materials, NATO Advanced Study Institute. Sept. 1-12, 2003, Antalya Turkey, Director Prof. S. Güçeri, Drexel Univ., Philadelphia USA, poster and short presentation ²Hydrpthermally prepared nanocrystalline Mn-Zn ferrites: synthesis and characterization².


53)       36th International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy, Technical Fac. Bor Yugoslavia, 29 Sept.-2 Oct. 2004; member of the Scientific Committee, papers & lecture: (i) EU views and actions on the Roundtable theme: an introductory talk, (ii) Metal ions recovery from industrial effluents: a new hybrid process based on flotation, (iii) Development and study of iron-based nanoadsorbents.


54)       Visit to Chem. Eng. Dept., NTUST, Taipei and Envir. Dept., Chia-Nan Univ. Pharmacy & Science, Tainan, invited by Prof. J.C. Liu and funded by Nat. Res. Council of Taiwan, 11-18 Dec. '04; given lectures: (a) New hybrid system consisting of flotation and micro membrane filtration for bonding agent (solids) removal, and (b) Metal ions biosorption, respectively.


55)       Visit to Australia: (a) Centre of Multiphase Processes, Univ. Newcastle, invited by Prof. G. Jameson, lecture 2-6-05 ²New hybrid system consisting of flotation and micro membrane filtration for bonding agent (solids) removal², (b) attending the short course by Prof. J. Laskowski: Coal Flotation and Fine Coal Utilisation, Brisbane, 4-5/6/05, (c) Centenary of Flotation Symposium, AusIMM, Brisbane, 6-9 June 2005; oral paper ²A new hybrid flotation - microfiltration cell².


56)       3rd European Bioremediation Conference, TU Crete, Chania, 4-7 July 2005, session chairman and oral presentation ²Application of flotation to the solid/liquid separation of Ralstonia metallidurans².


57)       Combined and Hybrid Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, 15-17 Sept. 2005, Kiev Ukraine, posters: (i) A study of Ag-based catalysts: effect of porous characteristics and method of silver loading on ethylene epoxidation activity, (ii) Iron-based nanoadsorbents for the removal of metal ions from water.


58)       Visit to the Dept. Nuclear Chem., Czech Tech. Univ., and the Dept. Power Eng., Faculty Envir. Tech., Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague under the bilateral exchanges agreement, 20-24 Sept. 2005; lecture ²Metal ions biosorption².


59)       (a) 13th Intl. Symp. Envir. Pollution and its Impact on Life in the Mediterranean Region, MESAEP, 8-12 Oct. 2005, Thessaloniki, oral presentation: ²A hybrid flotation - microfiltration  process for effluent treatment²; (b) 13th Seminar for the Protection of the Environment, AUTh, Thessaloniki Municipality & Goethe Institute, Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2005: session chairman (and participation with a relative paper, presented by Ms. Peleka) (c) ITXHD-CPERI, invited lecture ²Flotation techniques in environmental technology: their application to metals recovery², Thermi, Thessaloniki, 25th Nov. 2005.


60)       1st Intl. Conf. Pollution Control and Resource Reuse for a Better Tomorrow and Sustainable Economy, 1822 Oct. 2005, Shanghai, member of the international advisory committee; plenary lecture: ²A Hybrid Flotation - Microfiltration Cell for Effluent Treatment: a Review².


61)       Protection and Restoration of the Environment VIII, TU Crete – Stevens Inst. Tech., Chania, 3-7 July 2006; session chairman, and co-author of 4 papers (among them,  the poster “Sorption of arsenites from aqueous solution by β-FeOOH”).


62)       XXIII Intl. Miner. Process. Congr., Istanbul, 3-8 Sept. 2006; session chairman and poster presentation.


63)       European Chemistry Thematic Network Working Group “Linking chemical technology to chemistry”: Mostoles Spain 1st meeting 14/12/07; Prague 2nd meeting 28/3/08; ECTN Association annual meeting 15-17/5/08 Helsinki; presentation “Involvement of chemical technology courses in the degree of chemistry”.


64)       (a) “Small decentralized water and wastewater treatment units”, co-organised ny Dept. Chem., AUTh, Skiathos island, 2-4/5/08: session chairman and paper presentation (“A hybrid flotation-microfiltration cell for effluent treatment”); (b) 3ο Περιβαλλοντικό Συνέδριο Μακεδονίας, ΕΕΧ, Θεσ/νίκη, 14-17/3/08: session chairman and paper co-author.


65)       Protection and Restoration of the Environment IX, Univ. Patras – Stevens Inst. Tech., 29/6-3/7/08, Kefallonia island; session chairman, two posters.


66)       Water Treatment Technologies for the Removal of High-Toxicity Pollutants, NATO ARW, 13-17/9/08, Kosice; “Sorption of metal ions from aqueous solution on fixed-beds of iron-based adsorbents”, invited lecture.


67)       Aqua 2008, Intl. Conf. Sci. Tech. Water, Chem. Dept., Nat. & Kapodistrian Univ., 16-19 Oct. 2008, Athens; session chairman and paper presentation: “Metals biosorption and separation in a novel unit”.


68)       3rd European Quality Assurance Forum, Trends in quality assistance, European University Association, Corvinus Univ. Budapest, 20-22 Nov. 2008; representative of AUTh.


69)       University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering and Electronics, Institute for Infrastructure and Environment, seminar “Flotation processes in environmental protection: their application to metals recovery”, 27-2-09.


70)       3rd Conf. Green Chem. & Sustainable Development, AUTh - Assoc. Greek Chem., Thessaloniki, 25-27 Sept. 2009; session chairman and paper contribution.


71)       4th Envir. Conf. Macedonia, Assoc. Greek Chem., Thessaloniki, 18-20 March 2011, session chairman and poster paper contribution.


72)       Quality Assurance in Higher Education, TEI Larisa, 28-29 Sept. 2011; speech “The assessment of a Department: thoughts and questions” (in Greek).


73)       21st Nat. Chem. Symp., Greek Assoc. Chem., AUTh 9-12 Dec. 2011, session chairman, paper contribution.