Advanced bioanalytical technologies for systems biology studies


The current reintegration grant (ERG) facilitates the initiation of systems biology/ metabonomics research at the Aristotle University. This capitalises on the training, the links and the experience obtained by Dr. Helen Gika during her post-doctoral study in AstraZeneca UK (AZ) through the Transfer of Knowledge “Biomarker Discovery” (TOK-Industry Academia Partnership 29640).

The research focus retains a biopharmaceutical perspective in an upcoming field with major efforts invested from research sector and pharmaceutical companies.

The ERG work will aim towards the development of advanced metabolomic analytical tools, with emphasis on the utilisation of LC-MS technologies and the subsequent treatment of data with advanced data processing software. The major goal/scope of the studies will be in the area of disease biomarker discovery, drug efficacy, toxicology and safety assessment benefiting from the links and the close cooperation with groups in AZ.