Methods & Techniques

I employ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), high resolution TEM (HRTEM), and quantitative HRTEM. For quantitative structural studies, I use techniques such as geometrical phase analysis and peak finding. Such methods are particularly useful for determination of the elastoplastic behaviour of materials at the nanoscale in combintion with anisotropic elasticity calculations. I combine the experimental analyses with image simulations for arriving at the exact structural and chemical models.I am an expert on interfacial crystallography and topological defect analysis and characterization, performing a priori prediction of admissible defects, as well as a posteriori characterization from HRTEM observations. I have applied these approaches to numerous case studies of interfacial structures and materials systems.  In addition, I have worked on methods of TEM specimen preparation that are suitable for the quantitative analysis of complex nanostructured heterostructures in semiconductor epilayers and devices.

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