Plebejus pylaon brethertoni Brown
S. and C. Greece; local on mountains
a. male; 8 VII 1983;
Mt. Parnassos
b. female; 8 VII 1983; Mt. Parnassos

c. male U; 9 VII 1983; Mt. Parnassos
Plebejus pylaon sephirus Frivaldsky
N. Greece; very local
d. male; 20
V 1991; Thessaloniki
e. female; 24 V 1986; Thessaloniki
f. female U;
24 V 1986; Thessaloniki
Plebejus pylaon ?ssp.
Extremely small; identified as P. pylaon by male genitalia
g. male; 13
V 1989; Kozani
h. female; 13 V 1989; Kozani
i. female U; 13 V 1989; Kozani

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