Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Georgios Banos




Professional experience









Animal Science I                        1st Semester Module 4 (30U010)

Lectures:      Genotype-environment interaction; environmental impact on livestock traits; genetic standards and herdbooks; genetic improvement of livestock.

Practical:     Species identification; body areas and handling of livestock; applications of genetic improvement methodologies; description and assessment of animal housing facilities.


Molecules-Cells-Tissues           1st Semester Module 1 (30U001)

Lectures:      Chromosomal abnormalities; genome mapping; Mendelian genetics; dominance-epistasis-linkage; relationship between sex and inheritance; population genetics; quantitative genetics; application of genetics to livestock production.

Practical:     Assessment of linkage; Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; estimation of genetic values; assessment of kinship and inbreeding.


Animal Science III                     3rd Semester Module 4 (30U021)

Lectures:  Genetic improvement of swine; estimation of producing ability of sows and boars.

Practical:  Equine identification and age determination.


Animal Science IV                      4th Semester Module 4 (30U012)

Lectures:  Genetic improvement of ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats).

Practical: Training visits to research institutes and private farms; breed identification; application of genetic improvement principles to ruminant production (dairy/beef).


Biostatistics                                MS Program 1st Semester

Lectures:  Experimental design; power of the test; types of errors; sample size; multi-factorial designs; fixed and random factors; mixed models.


Animal Biotechnology                MS Program 2nd Semester

Lectures:      Advanced topics of animal genetics (ruminants and swine).