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The following presentations are used as undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Organic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and hopefully they will serve as helpful sources of information.


Laboratory of Organic Chemistry-Graduate Courses

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II


Synthetic Organic Chemistry-Graduate Courses


Biosynthesis of Natural Products-Graduate Courses


Synthetic Organic Chemistry I-Postgraduate Courses

Asymmetric Alkylation Reactions

Carbonyl Additions

Asymmetric Aldol Reactions

Alkene forming Reactions


Natural Product Chemistry-Postgraduate Courses

Natural products and biosynthesis-General Aspects

Natural products-Acetate pathway Part 1

Natural Products-Acetate pathway Part 2

Natural Products-Acetate pathway Part 3

Natural products-Shikimate pathway

Alkaloid Natural Products-General Pathways

Alkaloid Natural Products-Biosynthesis from lysine

Alkaloid Natural Products-Biosynthesis from nicotinic acid, anthranilic acid

Alkaloid Natural Products-Biosynthesis from tyrosine

Alkaloid Natural Products-Biosynthesis from thryptophane and histidine


Introduction in Medicinal Chemistry-Postgraduate Courses


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