Creative, resourceful web designer with strong communication and technical skills under her passion for making technology fit to human needs.

She holds her Master's in High Performance Computing Systems (HPC) for Audio-Visual Technologies with specific focus on media production, in line with her first degree in Software Engineering. Self motivated, with very good interpersonal skills, she is able to tailor web pages according to clients' wants and needs. Her eye appeal on aesthetics is the reason of catching moments in art actions.

Offers her skills to AUTH, School of Rural & Surveying Engineering since 2003 and she tries her best to spread knowledge to students via practice and research.

Being artistic in nature and fond of art she combines art & techs at her latest collaboration with Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA) as a key role photographer of the INSPIRE Festival 2012 - The World is not Enough - where she captured the interplay dialogue between the artist's work which placed in MMCA, till February 2013. Also she is an external collaborator and part of the MMCA technical team, since August 2011 for digitizing contemporary art in order to include MMCA collections in the European online art information environment called Europeana.

In October 2012 she finalized her work at the web/media/design/book section of the inspirational and motivational Balkan Project funded by EU - named OBSERVE "Strengthening and development of Earth Observation activities for the environment in the Balkan area.