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Flexible Learning using Information and Communications Technologies Top  
  • Authors: Dimitriadis Stavros, Karagiannidis Charalampos, Pomportsis Andreas, Tsiatsos Thrasyvoulos
  • Publisher: Tziolas
  • ISBN: 960-418-142-4
  • Publication year: 2007
  • Number of pages: 321

    What is flexible learning? or-more accurately - how learning could be flexible? Why distance learning and tele-education are forms of flexible learning? What is it and how is it related to flexible learning and to adaptive collaborative environments and why is an organization interested in the fast-learning? What tools are available and how to use them? The book answers the above questions. The book addresses readers who wish to learn both the theoretical issues, and widespread development tools on flexible learning. It gradually introduces the reader to the subject, starting with the presentation of a general conceptual framework for the flexible learning, going to the "classic" issues of distance education and tele-education (especially of the tele-training), and it ends with the particular issues of adaptive educational systems and co-operative and virtual learning environments. Finally, it presents a series of tutorials concerning the usage of development tools for (a) creating web-sites and (b) digital educational content.

WAN Virtual Environments Top  
  • Authors: Eleftheria Giannaka, Evaggelos Kapoulas, Christos Bouras, Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos
  • Publisher: Ellinika Grammata
  • ISBN: 960-406-908-Χ
  • Publication year: 2005
  • Number of pages: 152

    The aim of this book is to introduce reader in the world of Virtual Reality outlining its key features and covering the major issues of the Networked Virtual Environments. More specificaly, the book covers the essential features that characterize Networked Virtual Environments.

Secondary education Top  
Multimedia and Networks Top  
  • Authors: G. Alexiou, Α. Didalou, Μ. Kordaki, D. Mpakalis, Ν. Tsatsouri, Ι. Garofalakis, P. Markellou, Μ. Rigkou, Ι. Tzimas, St. Koumpias, V. Katikas, L. Mandalos, Κ. Bouras, Ch. Bouras, Ε. Kapoulas, Α. Gamas, Α. Konidaris, P. Lampsas, Α. Sevasti, Th. Tsiatsos
  • Greek Ministry of Education - Pedagogical Institute of Greece
  • Publication year: 2000

    The book includes 3 parts (students' book, teachers' book and assignements book). The material covers multimedia design and applications, data communications, computer networks, local area networks, public networks, Internet and telematic services.

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