I'm Dimitris Spathis
developer & researcher

I am now a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My new website is here.

I hold a BSc in Computer Science, studying towards a MSc in Computational Intelligence at Aristotle University. Previously, I worked on predictive sensing at CERTH and on deep learning at Telefonica, Barcelona.

My research focus is on machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and human-computer interaction. Email. CV.


Music taste map

Visualizing my favorite songs on Spotify with statistics, non-linear dimensionality reduction and one-class learning. Published in Cuepoint Magazine. Appeared in Twitter, Reddit, Flipboard and more.

Glocal News

Glocal News is a web app and a visual way to discover top local news globally. You can browse the top 5 news of every place on earth, supporting currently 70 languages. Workshop paper ER 2013. 3rd prize, data journalism contest.

Books text mining

Applying text mining on Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings books. Appeared in Twitter, Reddit, Oklahoma State University, Vodafone Spain and more.

TV visualization

Visualizing every pop-culture reference on the TV series Community, per episode, per character. Appeared in DashingD3, Reddit.

A week in Silicon Valley

A couple of years ago I was selected among 250+ students nationwide to travel to Silicon Valley. Attended courses at Stanford and visited UC Berkeley, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Coursera. I wrote this piece on the plane back home.

Computational asthma

My thesis project titled "Diagnosing respiratory diseases with machine learning and implementing a mobile-web clinical decision support system".



Spathis, D., & Vlamos, P. (2017). Diagnosing Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Machine Learning. Health Informatics Journal, SAGE. in press

SerrĂ , J., Leontiadis, I., Spathis, D., Stringhini, G., Blackburn, J., & Vakali, A. (2017). Class-based Prediction Errors to Categorize Text with Out-of-vocabulary Words. Proc. of the Conf. of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Workshop on Abusive Language Online (ALW), in press [pdf]

Charalampakis, B., Spathis, D., Kouslis, E., & Kermanidis, K. (2016). A comparison between semi-supervised and supervised text mining techniques on detecting irony in greek political tweets. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 51 (p. 50-57). Elsevier [pdf]

Charalampakis, B., Spathis, D., Kouslis, E., & Kermanidis, K. (2015). Detecting Irony on Greek Political Tweets: A Text Mining Approach. In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks (INNS) (p. 17). ACM [pdf]

Spathis, D., Mouratidis, T., Sioutas, S., & Tsakalidis, A. (2014). Glocal News: An Attempt to Visualize the Discovery of Localized Top Local News, Globally. In International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (pp. 1-6). Springer [pdf]