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urban play
thessaloniki, 4 march 2013

thessaloniki differently

invitation to present a one-day workshop, as part of MADE IN THESSALONIKI design week, a project that took place in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece, 2-8 march 2013, organized by Parallaxi magazine, Thessaloniki Differently team, and Goethe Institut

urban play
what is urban equipment? how does it morph the image of the city? how do citizens respond to urban objects? what are the design strategies and how do they affect the citizen's experience? are there examples that engage and promote citizen participation and play in urban space?

"urban play: equipping the city differently" was a workshop attempting to give answers in the above questions, showcasing projects in cities around the world, where the aspect of "play" is the main component in the design process

"urban speaker", art installation by med44 design studio

in the second part of the workshop, a web address was given to participants, where they could download, modify and print "pollsters" to be spread around the city. Citizens could take photographs and upload the results of these pollsters, by scanning a qr code printed on them, in a beta site running under the name "thessaloniki pollsters", thus engaging in a "playful" conversation around issues regarding the city