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places and technologies 2014

thursday 3 April 2014, 17:00-18:30
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Room Lasarevic
session: Big data, apps, social networks and microblogs in urban planning and design

presentation of the paper: The Interconnected Object: Are You at Home in a Network?

(Ntampiza, Kalina and Zioga, Polina (2014): The Interconnected Object: Are You at Home in a Network?. In: Proceedings of 1st International Academic Conference Places and Technologies 2014, 3-4 April 2014, Belgrade, Serbia: 936-943. ISBN 978-86-7924-114-6)

”[…] The paper explores the aspect of interconnectivity as a key-attribute of the contemporary digital artefacts that populate our everyday enviroments. It explores the notion of home, place and network by focusing on the effects of digital interconnectivity in the way we perceive private and public space. In this context, “HOME network”, a collaborative project, is presented. […]” (Ntampiza & Zioga, 2014)

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