Dr. Nikos Pleros

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PhoxTrot is a 4-years EC-funded Integrated Project (IP) focusing on high-performance, low-energy and cost and small-size optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data center and high-performance computing systems: on-board, board-to-board and rack-to-rack. PhoxTroT will tackle optical interconnects in a holistic way, synergizing the different fabrication platforms in order to deploy the optimal “mix&match” technology and tailor this to each interconnect layer. PhoxTroT will follow a layered approach from near-term exploitable to more forward looking but of high expected gain activities. Homepage: www.phoxtrot.eu  
MIRAGE is a 3-year collaborative project on photonic integration that aims to implement cost-optimized components for terabit optical interconnects introducing new multiplexing concepts through the development of a flexible, future-proof 3D “optical engine”. MIRAGE brings together seven leading European universities, research centers and companies. The project was launched in October 2012 and is co-funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme(FP7). Homepage: www.ict-mirage.eu  
RAMPLAS is a 3-years EC-funded research project envisioning the development and demonstration of a Silicon-based, integrated Optical RAM chip for enabling High-Speed Applications in Computing and Communications. RAMPLAS has been launched in September 2011 and is supported by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7‐ICT‐2009‐C). RAMPLAS will revisit RAM fundamentals and will lay the foundations for optical RAM technology and for optical RAM-enabled "green” and ultra-fast computing architectures. RAMPLAS will develop the first 100GHz optical RAM chips and will foster a new framework of disciplines for its effective application in ICT. Homepage: www.ict-ramplas.eu  
PLATON ("Merging Plasmonics with Silicon Photonics Technology towards Tb/s routing in Optical Interconnects") is a 3-years research project (ending in June 2013) coordinated by Dr. Pleros and funded by EC FP7-ICT, envisioning the development and demonstration of an integrated, on-chip Tb/s optical router for back-plane or Blade-Server interconnects through merging plasmonics and silicon photonics technology. PLATON aims to exploit the emerging plasmonics technology for the Tb/s switching functionalities and the low-loss silicon photonics platform for filtering, multiplexing and header detection processes. Homepage: www.ict-platon.eu  
WiSe-PON targets the demonstration of a novel access network infrastructure capable of converging fixed and mobile connectivity and of delivering heterogeneous wireless and FTTH services over existing Passive Optical Network infrastructures. WiSePON is a 3-years research project funded by the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology under the National Action "Cooperation". Homepage: http://wlab11.oteresearch.gr/wisepon/  
IASiS ("Intelligent Adaptable Surface with Optical Fiber Sensing for Pressure-Tension Relief") is a 2-years research project (Nov. 2009- Oct. 2011) funded by EC FP7-"Research for SMEs". IASiS addresses pressure ulcer incidence and treatment and aims to develop and demonstrate an Intelligent Adaptable Surface for serving as the skin/machine interface in therapy beds and wheelchair seating systems. Diagnosis and prevention will rely on intelligent optical fiber sensing devices that will be deployed within IASiS and can identify the values and coordinates of excessive epidermal loadings, providing feedback information to an adaptable mattress or seat mechanism. Homepage: www.iasis-project.eu  

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