Micro and Nano Electronics Group (est 2014)

Department of Informatics

Parartima Building, 16 Ethnikis Antistaseos St, Kalamaria, 55133, Thessaloniki, Greece, rooms 17 and 18.

Email: nkonofao@csd.auth.gr, tel: +30-2310-991929



·               Computing Devices: Physics and engineering at nanoscale.

·               Quantum computing devices and circuits: Design and simulation.

·               Semiconductor optoelectronic devices, sensor circuits.

·               Nano-scale VLSI circuits design:

o  CMOS and hybrid Single Electron Technology (SET)-CMOS circuits.

o   RAM memories.

o   Low energy high performance CMOS circuits below 32 nm.

Group members

Nikos Konofaos, Associate Professor


PhD Students:

·     Mr Costas Prousalis

·     Mr Thomas Tsiolakis

·     Mr Dimitrios Balobas

·     Mr Dimitrios Ntalaperas

·     Ms Stavroula Mammou

·     Mr Lazaros Spyridopoulos


MSc Alumni:

·   Mr Dimitrios Roussis

·   Mr George Apostolides

·   Ms Katerina Veneti

·   Mr Kyriakos Sidiropoulos

·   Ms Sofia Antoniou

·   Mr Gerasimos  Lyberatos


Collaborating groups

Aristotle University

o    CAC Lab, Department of Informatics,  group leader prof. G. I. Papadimitriou

o    Electronics Lab, ECE Department, group leader prof. A. Hatzopoulos

o    LTFN Lab, Physics Department, group leader prof. S.Logothetidis



o    Semiconductor Nanoelectronics Laboratory, ECE Department,
University of Maryland, College Park, USA, group leader prof. Agis A. Iliadis.


Greece Universities and Research Centers

o    Microelectronics Laboratory, CEID Department, University of Patras, group leader prof. George Alexiou.

o    Institute of Microelectronics, NCSR Demokritos, group leader Dr. Dimitris Davazoglou.

o    Applied Physics laboratory, University of Ioannina, group leader prof. E.K. Evangelou.



Instrumentation, Tools and Software

oEDA tools for nanoscale design (Cadence licensed).

oPCs and workstations with high-performance capabilities.

oFPGAs and relevant assistive instruments (Virtex Ultrascale at 20nm -  Spartan 6 at 45 nm)


oHome-made circuit simulation software:

   QuCirDET: A quantum circuit simulation and evaluation tool, available at https://github.com/konprou/QuCirDET/



Selective Publications


1. Quantum recovery protocols for stabilizer codes: Deterministic Monte-Carlo simulation

Konstantinos Prousalis, Agis Iliadis, Nikos Konofaos

AIP Advances, 8, 6, an. 065008

2. High-performance and energy-efficient 64-bit incrementer/decrementer using Multiple-Output Monotonic CMOS

Dimitrios Balobas, Nikos Konofaos

Integration, the VLSI Journal, 62, pp. 270-281

3. Low-power high-performance CMOS 5-2 compressor with 58 transistors

D Balobas, N Konofaos

Electronics Letters, 54, 5, pp. 278-280

4. Memory performance of MOS structure embedded with laser annealed gold NCs
L Kastanis, JL Spear, Ch Sargentis, N Konofaos, D Tsamakis, DC Koutsogeorgis, EK Evangelou

Solid-State Electronics, 148, pp. 63-69


1. Design of Low-Power High-Performance 2–4 and 4–16 Mixed-Logic Line Decoders

D Balobas, N Konofaos

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs 64 (2), 176 – 180

2.   Ultra-low-power and compact 8-bit CMOS priority encoder

D Balobas, N Konofaos

International Journal of Electronics Letters 5 (3), 272-278

3.  High-Performance and Energy-Efficient 256-Bit CMOS Priority Encoder

D Balobas, N Konofaos

VLSI (ISVLSI), 2017 IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on, 122-127

4.  Multi field SRAM access via intra-encoders and crossbar addressing scheme

T Simopoulos, L Spyridopoulos, GP Alexiou, N Konofaos

6th International Conference on  Modern Circuits and Systems technologies (MOCAST)