Talks - Conferences


1.  Two days meeting: Dynamics of the Multiscale Systems. Talk: “MRA structures connected with Riesz Product measures and complexityA.U.Th., School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 30 Sept.-1 October 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2.  Workshop: Modelling and Design of Complex Digital Systems by Signal Processing Methods. Talk: ”Discrete transforms produced from two natural numbers and applications. In EUROCAST 2011, Las Palmas, Spain, 6-11 February 2011.

3.  Mini-workshop: Constructive Methods in Signal Analysis. Talk: ”On a class of local average sampling expansions in subspaces of L2(R). In Constructive theory of functions, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 4-9 June 2010.

4.  Workshop: Dynamical Systems and Hyperbolic Geometry. TalkAverage sampling in subspaces of L2(R), T.E.I. of West Macedonia, Dpt of General Sciences, 31 May-4 June 2010, Kozani, Greece, Greece.

5.  Special session on Interaction of Inverse Problems, Signal Processing and Imaging. Talk: ”Non-uniform sampling expansions and local reconstruction on subspaces of L2(R)”. In AMS and MAA National meeting at San Fransisco, USA, 13-16 January 2010.

6.  Workshop: Fractals and Multifractal Analysis. Topics in Turbulence. Talk: ”Multiscale transforms generating generalized Riesz Products, T.E.I. of West Macedonia, Dpt of General Sciences, 2-5 December 2008, Kozani, Greece.

7.  Workshop: Discrete Analysis and Applications. Talk: ”On large classes of bent functions, 27-29 September 2008, Department of Informatics, A.U.Th., Thessaloniki, Greece.

8.  12th Pan-Hellenic Conference in Analysis. Talk: ”On a large class of coding methods based on two permutations”, Department of Mathematics, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, 12-15 Μay 2008.

9.  Workshop: Walsh and Dyadic Analysis. Talk “Multiscale transforms generating Walsh Multiresolution Analysis”, 18-19 October 2007, Nis, Serbia.

10.           Conformal Structures and Dynamics. The current state-of-art and Perspectives. Talk: ”Sampling theorems in L2[0,1], 11-15 June 2007, University of Warwick, UK.

11.           International conference: Sampling Theory and Applications, SampTA07. Talk: “A multiscale transform on L2[0,1] generating sampling subspaces and generalized Riesz Products”,1-5 June 2007, Department of Informatics, A.U.Th, Thessaloniki, Greece.

12.      Advanced research workshop: Scientific Support for the Decision Making in the Security Sector. Talk: ”A new matching algorithm based on prime numbers”, 21-25 Οctober 2006, Velingrad, Bulgaria.

13. Complex and Harmonic Analysis (International conference). Talk: ”On a class of multiscale wavelet-type unitary matrices generating Haar-Riesz products”, Department of Mathematics, A.U.Th, 25-27 Μay 2006.

14.      11ο Pan-Hellenic Conference in Analysis. Talk: ”A discrete transform based on a class of sparse matrices and non-linear prediction of nearly periodic time series”, Department of Mathematics, A.U.Th, 23-24 Μay 2006.

15.  One day meeting. Immuno-computations and Applications, Dpt of Informatics, A.U.Th., 19 December 2003.

16.      Two days meeting in Complex and Harmonic Analysis. Talk: ”Local Sampling for Regular Wavelet and Gabor Expansions”,  Department of Mathematics, A.U.Th., 12-13 December 2003.

17. 90 Pan-Hellenic Conference in Analysis. Talk: ”New bounds for Truncation-type Errors on Regular Sampling Expansions”, Χania, Crete, 5-7 September 2002.

18.       Workshop on Multiscale Approximations. Talk: ”Wavelet Decomposition and Sampling for p-adic MRA on spaces of pM-periodic sequences”. In Constructive Function Theory (International Conference), Varna, Bulgaria, 19-23 June 2002.

19.      Two days meeting in Complex and Harmonic Analysis. Talk: ”Sampling in Multiresolution Analysis subspaces of periodic sequences, Department of Mathematics, Iraklio, Crete, 25-26 Μay 2002.

20.      22th International Conference of Solvay. The Physics and Communication. Delfi, 24-29 Νοvember 2002. 

21.      Mathematics and New Technologies. 18-20 June 1999, Department of Mathematics, A.U.Th.