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Courses taught at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:

  • Music Education (Winter and Spring Semester 2015-2016)

    Follow our work on C.A.L.M. (Community Action in Learning Music): http://calm.web.auth.gr/

  • Creative Thinking in Music — Psychology of Education (Winter Semester 2015-2016) for both music and visual arts students of the School of Fine Arts

    Follow our projects on our blog CR.E.A.M. (Creative Encounters with Art and Music) and the CR.E.A.M. Vimeo Channel.

  • Time in Music. Music in Time (Spring Semester 2015-2016)

  • Music Identities

  • Introduction to Music Psychology

  • Introduction to the Developmental Psychology of Music


  • "Interactions Between Students’ Beliefs, Gender, and Socio-economic Context on Students’ Own Assessment of Their Music
    Behavior in Music Classes at School.”

Completed by Dr. Charoula Katsochi—PhD degree examination grade: “excellent” (unanimously)— PhD award date: April 22, 2015. Dr. Charoula Katsochi was also the recepient of the prestigious EU/ NSRF -grant for doctoral degrees “Herakleitos II”.http://www.mus.auth.gr/cms/?q=node/482


  • “Male Adolescent Students and Their Perceptions About Vocal Identity and Participation in School Choral Ensembles."
    Doctoral candidate: Antonis Ververis.

  • "Intensity of Emotions While Listening to Music: The Problem of Dissonance."
    Doctoral candidate: Kyriaki Zacharopoulou.

  • “Usage of Graphic Notation and Achievement of Music Literacy in Pre-School Music Education.
    Doctoral candidate: Erifili Damianou.

  •  “Music Education and Community Action in Serious Games.” (Working title)
    Doctoral candidate: Steve Papacharitos.

  • "Music Learning Communities and Community Arts."
    (Working Title)
    Doctoral Candidate: Ioanna Pavlidou (admitted in September 11, 2015)




  • The Rhythmic Turn in Samuel Becket’s Shorter Plays.”

    by Dr. Maria Ristani — PhD degree examination grade: “excellent” (unanimously)—January 28, 2013
    (Main advosor: Prof. Ruth Parkin-Gounelas, Department of English Literature. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

    See excerpts from Maria Ristani's performance of the monologue "Rockaby" from Beckett's "Three Occasional Pieces" (in English and in Greek), Oberon Art Group, Thessaloniki. Greece, 2010.

  • “The Art of Portrait in Byzantine Music: The Face of Virgin Mary.”
    Doctoral candidate: Vassiliki Gousi (Main advisor: Dr. Maria Alexandru, Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

  • “Music Educational Approaches to a ‘New Music’ Repertoire.”
    Doctoral candidate: Lenio Liatsou (Main advosor: Prof. Malliaras, Music Department, Kapodestrian University of Athens).




Selected Invited Lectures



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