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RFE Bookmarks Vol 5 No 2

RFE Title Page - Link to RFE page


Introduction - Link to RFE page
Format and Display Conventions
Suggestions Solicited
Internet Talks and Demos
Where to Obtain This Guide


Data - Link to RFE page

U.S. Macro and Regional Data

U.S. Macro and Regional Data - Link to RFE page
Economic Indicators 104th Congress
Economic Statistics Briefing Room (ESBR)
Econ Data & Links
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Conference Board
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Federal Budget for the Fiscal Years 1996 to 2001
Survey of Consumers from the Univ. of Michigan
Council of Economic Advisors (CEA)
Economic Report of the President: 2001 (and 1996-2000)
Economic Reports of the President: 1992-94
Economic Information Systems
FRB of St. Louis
Haver Analytics
National Income and Product Accounts (Univ. of Virginia)
NBER's Macro-Historical Database
County and City Databooks
Regional Economic Information System
State Personal Income Data Economic Calendar
Consensus Economics

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve - Link to RFE page
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
FRB of Atlanta
FRB of Boston
FRB of Chicago
FRB of Cleveland
FRB of Dallas
FRB of Kansas City
FRB of Minneapolis
FRB of New York
FRB of Philadelphia
FRB of Richmond
FRB of San Francisco
FRB of St. Louis

Other U.S. Data

Other U.S. Data - Link to RFE page
B&E Data Links
Data on the Net
Federal Web Locator
Google Uncle Sam
GOVBOT: Database of Government Web Sites
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
National Archives Center for Electronic Records
Statistical Resources on the Web (Univ. of Michigan)
U.S. Census Bureau
Integrated Public Use Microdata Sample (IPUMS)
QueryLogic (Innovative Computing)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Summary U.S. Census Info at Missouri Census Data Center
General Social Survey (GSS)
Health and Retirement Study (HRS)
Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old (AHEAD)
National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) Bibliography
Panel Study on Income Dynamics (PSID)
Study of American Families, 1994
Banking Data and Research
Department of the Treasury
Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Energy Resources Board
Datazone: EPI's Labor Market Data
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Government Information Sharing Project
Health Care Financing Administration Information Clearinghouse
U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC)
Internet Economy Indicators
Joint Economic Committee: House of Representatives
Joint Economic Committee: U.S. Senate
National Trade Data Bank
National Transportation Statistics
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy
Social Security Administration (SSA)
Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC)
State of the Cities Data Systems (SOCDS)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
USA Trade Online
USDA Agriculture Economic Research Service
USDA Economics and Statistics System (Cornell Univ.)

World and Non-U.S. Data

World and Non-U.S. Data - Link to RFE page
Alta Plana International Economics Gateway
Central Bank Resource Center
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC): Statistical Offices
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC): Central Banks and Monetary Authorities
Statistical Data Locators
EIU CountryData -- EIU and Bureau van Dijk
Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)
OECD/EU Database on Environmentally Related Taxes
PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service Retrieval Interface
Penn World Tables (Univ. of Toronto)
PRS Online Country Data
Resource Centre for Access to Data on Europe (r·cade)
Consensus Economics
CIA World Factbook 2000
Economist Intelligence Unit
Free the World
2001 Index of Economic Freedom
Transparency International
Asian Development Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC)
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
U.N. Statistics Division/DESIPA
World Trade Organization (WTO)
India 1997-98 Budget
Statistics Indonesia
Bank of Japan
NIKKEI Economic Electronic Databank System (NEEDS)
Kokumin Keizai Research Institute
National Statistical Office of Korea
Canadian Industry Statistics
Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada CANSIM
Austrian and Eastern European Economic Data (WIFO)
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)
Statistics Finland
National Institute of Statistical and Economic Studies
German Federal Statistical Office
Statistik Regional (German Regional Stats)
Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)
Netherlands Central Bank
Statistics Netherlands
Statistics Sweden
Bank of England
BizEd Net: CSO Data (U.K.)
ESRC Data Archive
HM Treasury
Manchester Information Datasets and Associated Services (MIDAS)
National Statistics--The Official United Kingdom Statistics Site
Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 - 1780
Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
Central Bank of Turkey
Australian Bureau of Statistics
New Zealand Treasury
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

World Bank

World Bank - Link to RFE page
World Bank
Economic Growth Research
Finance & Development
Living Standards Measurement (LSMS)

Finance and Financial Markets

Finance and Financial Markets - Link to RFE page
Bond Market Association
Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)
CRSP Data Access and Analysis
Financial Data Finder at Ohio State
Finance Area (Top Services International)
Global Financial Data
Investment FAQ
OSU Virtual Finance Library

Journal Data and Program Archives

Journal Data and Program Archives - Link to RFE page
Economic Journal Datasets Online
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Economists, Departments, & Universities

Economists, Departments, & Universities - Link to RFE page
Braintrack University Index
Google's University Search
College and University Home Pages
American Universities Home Pages
Bschool Directory
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)
Economics Departments Outside the U.S.
Economics Departments in the U.S.
Association for Univ. Business and Economic Research (AUBER)
Economics Departments with PhD Programs
American Economic Association (AEA) Directory of Members
HoPEc: RePEc Person Search and Registration
International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals
Directory of Canadian Economists and Economics Departments
Directory of International Economists
Web Pages for Research Economists in the Federal Reserve System
Economists on the World Wide Web
Economists with Web Pages

Forecasting & Consulting

Forecasting & Consulting - Link to RFE page
Conference Board
Consensus Economics
First Union's Economic Information
Bank of America Economics and Financial Reports
Congressional Budget Office
The Dismal Scientist
Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI)
The Financial Forecast Center
Foster Associates
Forecasting Center of the Jerome Levy Economics Institute
Glassman-Oliver Economic Consultants, Inc.
Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC
McKibbin Software Group
Monash University Econometrics and statistical consulting servic
NERA Economic Consulting
Research at
Regional Economic Models (REMI)
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
Research at
WEFA Group
Wells Fargo Economic Reports
American Economics Group
Bank of Hawaii Economic Research Center
The Brattle Group
Charles River Associates Auction Consulting
Economic Data Consultants
DIA Agency Inc.
Green Interest Rate Swap Management
Market Design Inc. (MDI)
NERA Economic Consulting
Probe Economics
Regional Economic Research, Inc. (RER)
STA Research
Columbia Pacific
Damage Valuation Associates
Econ One
Economists Incorporated
Fishkind & Associates
Micronomics, Inc.
Triangle Economics Research
Atlantica Associates
Cambridge International Forecasts
Centre for International Economics (CIE)
Conference Board of Canada
Deutsche Bank Research
London Economics
Lombard Street Research Ltd.
McKibbin Software Group
NERA Economic Consulting
Olsen & Associates
Oxford Economic Consulting
STEP Economics
Boye-Lord International
Economic Consulting Services Inc. (ECS)
Klonic Morocco Consultants

General Interest

General Interest - Link to RFE page
The Dismal Scientist
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network

Jobs, Grants, & Academic Advice

Jobs, Grants, & Academic Advice - Link to RFE page
Academe This Week (Chronicle of Higher Education) Job Listings
Economics Research Network's Job Openings
E-JOE (European Job Openings for Economists)
JOE (Job Openings for Economists from the AEA)
UK-JOE (Royal Economic Society)
Economics Ph.D. Job Candidates
New Ph.D.s in Economics (NBER)
Survey of the Labor Market For New Ph.D.s in Economics
AEAweb Grant Support for Economists
American Association of State Colleges and Universities: Office of Federal Programs
Community of Science
Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
National Science Foundation: Economics Program
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation
How to Publish in Top Journals
Resources for New Faculty and Their Mentors
OnLine English
Magnificent Publications, Inc.

Mailing Lists & Usenet

Mailing Lists & Usenet - Link to RFE page

Software to Manage Mailing Lists

Software to Manage Mailing Lists - Link to RFE page
Yahoo Groups
National Academic Mailing List Service (JISCmail)

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists - Link to RFE page

A - General Economics and Teaching

A - General Economics and Teaching - Link to RFE page
Cato Online Update (cato-list)
Chinese Economic Association Discussion List (econ-cea-uk)
Discussion of the ideas of Friedrich A. Hayek (hayek-l)
Economic Issues and Policies (EIP)
Econometric-Research (econometric-research)
Economics & Business Educators List (econ-business-educators)
Elsevier/North-Holland "Contents Alert Economics" (econbase-e)
Innovation in Instruction of Economics (I3econ)
International Economics and Business Education (int-econ-biz-educators)
National Economics Association Discussion List (nea-l)
Parkin Professor Discussion Group (ParkinPr)
Parkin Student Discussion Group (ParkinSt)
Research in Economic Education (econed-l)
Scout Report for Business & Economics (srbusecon)
Talk-Econ: List for Principles Students (tlk-econ)
Teaching of Economics (tch-econ)
Young Economists' Discussion List (yedl)
Virtual Economy (virtual-economy)
Women in Economic and Social History Electronic Forum (women-soc-econ-history)

B - Methodology and History of Economic Thought

B - Methodology and History of Economic Thought - Link to RFE page
History of Economics Society List (HES)
European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET)

C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods - Link to RFE page
British Household Panel Study (bhps)
BUGS (bugs)
Census Bureau List on U.S. Statistical Abstracts (compendia)
Census Bureau Press Release (press-release)
Census Bureau Product Announcements (product-announce)
Center for Economic Studies (ces)
CIDE-INFO (cide-info)
Complexity Theory (timeseries)
Corryfee (corryfee)
Csemlist (csemlist)
Data Archive (archive-econ)
Econometria Espanola (econometria)
Econometric Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in the Netherlands and Belgium (TIECTR-L)
Econometric Society Announcement List (emsociety)
Experimental Economics for Teaching (teachecon)
Gaussians (gaussians)
GAMS user list (Gams-L)
German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP)
International Journal of Game Theory Abstracts (Ijgt-Abstracts)
Minitab Discussion List (minitab)
Model User's Group (MUG-L)
Numerical Analysis Network (NA-NET)
Ox Users (ox-users)
RATS (rats-l)
SAS Discussion (SAS-L)
SAS Public Access Consortium (SASpac-L)
Society for Computational Economics Announcement List (scelist)
Society of Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE)
Statistics Canada's General Discussion List (Statcan)
Statistics Canada's Daily (Daily)
Statistique Canada Quotidien (Quotidien)
Strictly Declarative Modelling Language (SDML)
Time Series (timeseries)

D - Microeconomics

D - Microeconomics - Link to RFE page
Experimental Economics (economics-experimental)
Information Economics List (information-economics)

E - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

E - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics - Link to RFE page
Bureau of Labor Statistics News Service Subscription
"Capital and Class" Journal Companion (capital-and-class)
Central Bank Bulletin (central-banks)
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Electronic Mailing Lists
H.M. Treasury Press Releases (PRESS)
Microeconomic Roots of Macroeconomic Problems in Europe (euro-econ)
What's New on H.M. Treasury Internet Site (WHATSNEW)
Longwaves (longwaves)
Post Keynesian Thought (PKT)

F - International Economics

F - International Economics - Link to RFE page
International Political Economy (Ipe)
International Trade Policy (trade)
Trade Library (trade-library)
Trade News (trade-news)
Trade Strategy (trade-strategy)

G - Financial Economics

G - Financial Economics - Link to RFE page
Help With Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) Data Bases (CRSP-L)
Debt (debt)
Finance and Physics (finance-and-physics)

H - Public Economics

H - Public Economics - Link to RFE page
Social Scientists in Peace Economics and Conversion (peace-econ)

I - Health, Education, and Welfare

I - Health, Education, and Welfare - Link to RFE page
General Health Economics Discussion (healthecon-discuss)

J - Labor and Demographic Economics

J - Labor and Demographic Economics - Link to RFE page
Economic Demography Workshop Annoucements (edw-announce)
Economics and Demography of Aging, Aging Policy (ecnaging)
Economics of Pensions and Retirement (pension.retire)
Feminist Economists Discussion Group (Femecon-L)
Gender Economics (gender-economics)
Labor in the Global Economy (Labor-L)
Social Policy Research Centre Notice List (sprc-notices)

K - Law and Economics

K - Law and Economics - Link to RFE page
EconLaw (econlaw)

L - Industrial Organization

L - Industrial Organization - Link to RFE page
Communications Privatization (com-priv)
Regulation of Telecom Markets in the U.K. (reg-telecom)

M - Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (none at this time)

M - Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (none at this time) - Link to RFE page

N - Economic History

N - Economic History - Link to RFE page
Discussions in Economic History (eh.disc)
European Historical Economics News (ehenews)
Economic History Association Announcements (eha)
Economic History Association of Australia and New Zealand (OZNZ.Society)
Economic History of the Eastern Bloc (eh.eastbloc)
Economic History News (
Issues in Teaching Economic History (eh.teach)
Italiana Storici dell'Economia (nestore-l)
Macroeconomic History (eh.macro)
Recurrent Economic History (quanhist.recurrent)
Research in Economic History (eh.res)
Teaching and Research in Business History (H-Business)

O - Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

O - Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth - Link to RFE page
Australian Economics (australian-economics-l)
Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (ibase-texts-l)
Caribbean Economy (caribbean-economy)
Community Economic Development in Developed Countries (ced-net)
Economic and Social Development (econ-soc-devt)
Economic Development (econ-dev)
Economic Growth (economic-growth)
Information Bank on African Development Studies (ibads)
Innovation Discussion (ak-innovations)
Lista de Correo de Economia Latinoamericana (latam-econ)
Transition in Eastern Europe & former Soviet Union (east-west-research)
Turkish Economics (turk-econ)

P - Economic Systems (none at this time)

P - Economic Systems (none at this time) - Link to RFE page

Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics

Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics - Link to RFE page
Agricultural Economics (agric-econ)
Agricultural Economics Discussion List (agecon-l)
Canadian Chapter of the International Society for Ecological Econ. (cansee)
Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics Discussion Group (cwaenet)
Ecological Economics (ecol-econ)
Economics of Climate Variability and Global Change (clim-econ)
Environment and Game Theory (Egt)
Land and Natural Resource Economic Theory (land-theory)
Land and Resource Economics Network (resecon)

R - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics

R - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics - Link to RFE page
AAG Economic Geography Specialty Group (economicgeography-l)
Community and Rural Economic Development Interests (ruraldev)
Economic and Demographic Models (remi-l)
Regional Science Listserv (regsc-l)

Z - Other Special Topics

Z - Other Special Topics - Link to RFE page
Netnomics (netnomics)

Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet Newsgroups - Link to RFE page

Meetings & Conferences

Meetings & Conferences - Link to RFE page
Inomics Conference Calls
Conferences in Econometrics

Future Conferences

Future Conferences - Link to RFE page
American Economic Association (AEA)
2001 Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society
Business and Economics Society International 2001 Conference
Econometric Society Conferences
Far Eastern Meeting of Econometric Society
2001 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society
Enlivening Teaching: Using Discipline-Based Cases and Classroom Research to Improve Learning
2001 Annual Conference of the Hume Society
Fourteenth International Conference on Input-Output Techniques
IFAC Symposium on Modeling and Control of Economic Systems
International Business & Economics Research Conference 2001
Fourth Kiel Workshop in Economics
7th International Conference of the Society for Computational Economics
New York State Economics Association
2001 South-East Economic Theory & International Economics Conference
Southern Economic Association's 71st Annual Conference

Past Conferences

Past Conferences - Link to RFE page
Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences (ABAS)
Advancing the Integration of New Technologies into the Undergraduate Teaching of Economics
American Agricultural Economics Association Conferences
Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference
Association for Cultural Economics International
Berlin Workshop on Internet Economics
Business History Conference
Computational Methods in Economics, Finance and Statitistics
Conference on Economic Design
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance Workshop on Economic Dynamics
Cliometric Society
Complexity Between the Ecos - From Ecology to Economics
Tenth International Conference on Cultural Economics
Seminar on East European Transition and EU Enlargement
8th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications
Fourth International Conference on Enterprise in Transition
Econometric Society: Latin American Meeting (ES)
European Conferences of the Econom[etr]ics Community
European Meeting of the Econometric Society (ES)
Econometric Study Group Annual Conference
Econometrics of Strategy and Decision Making
Economics and Use of Digital Library Collections
EIIT - Empirical Investigations in International Trade Conference
Economics Teaching Conference
EIIT - Empirical Investigations in International Trade Conference
European Economic Association (EEA)
European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) Annual Congress
European Simulation Symposium
Hume Society
Conference of the International Water and Resource Economics Consortium and the Seminar on Environmental and Resource Economics
International Working Group on Value Theory (IWGVT)
Network on Inequality and Poverty (NIP) of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association
International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) 2000
International Ukrainian Economic Association Fourth Congress and Economics Symposium
Northeast Universities Development Conference
Rethinking Marxism
Fourth Annual Post-Graduate Economics Conference
Search and Matching Models of the Distribution of Income
Society for Computational Economics (SCE)
Society for Computational Economics (SCE)
Society for Economic Dynamics (SED)
Ninth Annual Seminar of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
Seventh Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics
Southeast Theory and International Economics Meetings
Southern Economic Association's 70th Annual Conference
Western Economic Association International (WEA)
Western Economic Association International (WEA)
What We Don't Know about Pacific Northwest Fish Runs: An Inquiry into Decision-Making under Uncertainty

News Media

News Media - Link to RFE page
Academe This Week (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service
Moreover -- Economics
Barron's Online
Business Week
College Times -- Economics (New York Times for Students)
The Economist
The Financial Times
New York Times
Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Bloomberg Online
Reuters Moneynet
World News Connection (WNC)
Economic Reporting Review
The Official Paul Krugman Web Page

Organizations & Associations

Organizations & Associations - Link to RFE page

Academic Research Organizations and Institutes

Academic Research Organizations and Institutes - Link to RFE page
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)
Austrian Economics Program at New York Univ.
Canadian International Labour Network (CILN)
Carolina Population Center
Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA)
Center for the Study of Population
Center for Research on Economic Fluctuations and Employment (CREFE)
Economic Science Laboratory, Univ. of Arizona
Game Theory Society
Global Development and Environment Institute (G-DAE)
Hoover Institution
Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)
James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy
Jerome Levy Economics Institute
Learning and Experimental Economics Projects of Santa Cruz (LEEPS)
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Santa Cruz Center for International Economics (SCCIE)
West Virginia Regional Research Institute
Universities Water Information Network (UWIN)
Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution (ELSE)
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Centre for the Study of African Economies
Centre for Policy Modelling
ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau (U.K.)
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Centre for Economic and Social Studies for the Environment (CESSE)
Centre for Economic Research (CCSO)
Center for Economic Studies (CES)
Center for the Study of Law and Economics
Central European Regional Research Organization (CERRO)
European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER)
Experimental Economics Laboratory, Univ. of Trento, Italy
Ifo Institute for Economic Research
IKE Group (Aalborg Univ., Denmark)
Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER)
Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES)
Groningen Growth and Development Centre
Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT)
Nijenrode Forum for Economic Research (NYFER)
Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)
Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory
Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), Univ. of NSW, Sydney
Theoretical Research Institute (Australia) Exchange Rate Target Zone Database
New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation
Centre for Research in Network Economics and Communications (CRNEC)

Non-Academic Research and Policy Organizations

Non-Academic Research and Policy Organizations - Link to RFE page
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Brookings Institution
Cato Institute
Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy (CCSCE)
Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Employment Policies Institute
Employment Policy Foundation
EPA Economy and Environment Program
Group of 30
Heritage Foundation
Independent Institute
Institute for International Economics
Institute for Policy Innovation
Mathematica Policy Research
Milken Institute
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Center for Policy Analysis
OECD Development Centre
Political Economy Research Center (PERC)
Resources for the Future (RFF)
Santa Fe Institute Economics Program
Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Urban Institute
Global Development Network (GDN)
International Center for Economic Growth (ICEG)
Research at the IMF
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE)
Fraser Institute
Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)
Belgian Federal Planning Bureau
Centre d'etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (CEPII)
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM)
German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)
Infrastructure and Spatial Economics
Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)
Institute of Public Finance
Kiel Institute of World Economics
Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies (WIIW)
Center for Latin American Capital Markets Research
Institute of Free Enterprise (Peru)
Economic Planning Agency (Japan)
India Policy Institute
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Societies and Associations

Societies and Associations - Link to RFE page
Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC): Associations and Societies
Academy of Economics and Finance
American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)
American Committee on Asian Economic Studies (ACAES)
American Economic Association (AEA)
American Finance Association (AFA)
American Law and Economics Association (ALEA)
American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)
American Rehabilitation Economics Association
Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI)
Association for Economic and Development Studies in Bangladesh (AEDSB)
Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)
Association for Social Economics (ASE)
Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE)
Association for University Business and Economics Research
Association des Economistes Quebecois (ASDEQ)
Association of Christian Economists (ACE)
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
Association of Indian Economic Studies (AIES)
Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE)
Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Inc (AARES)
Business & Economics Society International
Business History Conference
Canadian Economic History Server
Canadian Economics Association (CEA)
Canadian Law and Economics Association
Chinese Economic Association of North America
Chinese Economists Society (CES)
Cliometric Society
Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP)
Eastern Economic Association (EEA)
Econometric Society
Economic History Association
Economic Science Association (ESA)
Economists Allied for Arms Reduction (ECAAR)
European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE)
European Association of Law and Economics (EALE)
European Historical Economic Society (EHES)
European Economic Association (EEA)
European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET)
Financial Management Association (FMA)
Finnish Society for Economic Research
Foundation for Economic Education
French Health Economists Association
History of Economics Society
Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA)
International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)
International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)
International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES)
International Economic and Finance Society (IEFS)
International Economics and Philosophy Society
International Health Economics Association (iHEA)
International Indian Economic Association (IIEA)
International Input-Output Association
International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET)
International Network for Economic Method (INEM)
International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)
International Society for Intercommunication of New Ideas (ISINI)
International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE)
International Ukrainian Economic Association
International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG)
International Union of Economists
Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought
Korea-American Economic Association (KAEA)
Latin American Economic Association (LAEA)
Middle East Economic Association (MEEA)
National Association of Business Economists (NABE)
National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE)
National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE)
The National Business and Economics Society (NBES)
National Council on Economic Education (NCEE)
National Economic Association
National Economists Club
National Tax Association
Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)
Peace Science Society (International) (PSSI)
Productivity Analysis Research Network (PARN)
Progressive Economics Forum (PEF)
Public Choice Society
Royal Economic Society
Regional Science Association (RSA)
Societa Italiana degli Storici dell'Economia
Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE)
Society for Computational Economics (SCE)
Society for Economic Dynamics
Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE)
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics: UK Chapter (SASE)
Society for the Development of Austrian Economics (SDAE)
Society of Government Economists (SGE)
Southwestern Social Science Association
Southwestern Society of Economists
Southern Appalachian Committee on Resource and Environmental Economics (SAPPCREE)
Southern Economic Association (SEA)
Transportation and Public Utilities Group (TPUG)
Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)
The Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON)
Western Agricultural Economic Association
Western Economic Association International (WEA)

Other Internet Guides

Other Internet Guides - Link to RFE page

General Internet Resources

General Internet Resources - Link to RFE page
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
Internet Web Index
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
Beginner's Guide to URLs
Internet Cookies
SYSTRAN Translation Software
Argus Clearinghouse
Net-Direct Index (NDI)
Usenet FAQs
WWW Virtual Library
dmoz -- Open Directory Project
Northern Light
Google's Usenet Search
How to Research Companies on the Net
Search Engine Colossus
Trade Associations from Google
Industry Tutor
internet @ddress.finder
Yahoo People Search

Multiple Subject Economics Sites

Multiple Subject Economics Sites - Link to RFE page
Economics Meta Search Facility
Google Web Directory -- Economics
Internet Resources for Economists
Scout Report: Business and Economics
Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)
WebEc: World Wide Web Resources in Economics

Single Subject Economics Sites

Single Subject Economics Sites - Link to RFE page
Adam Smith Page
Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)
Agricultural Economics Virtual Library
Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library
Resources for Agricultural Economists
Antitrust Case Summary Browser
Supreme Court Antitrust Debates
Antitrust Policy: research, policy and cases
Asymmetry of Economic Time Series
Banking on the WWW
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"Forecasting Principles" (Armstrong)
"Foundations of International Macroeconomics" (Obstfeld and Rogoff)
"Handbooks in Economics" (North-Holland/Elsevier)
"An Introduction to Classical Econometric Theory" (Ruud)
"Macroeconomic Policy in a World Economy" (Taylor)

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Collected Works of Ray Fair

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G (Inforum)
GAUSS (Aptech)
Ivation (Beyond 20/20)
MLE++ and MLEQuick (Cahill Software)
Otter Research Ltd. (AD Model Builder & MULTIFAN)
Maple (Waterloo Maple)
MathCad & S Plus (Mathsoft)
Mathematica (Wolfram Research)
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Numerical Recipes
O-Matrix (Harmonic Software)
PcGive, PcFiml, GiveWin, and Stamp
Qplot for Gnuplot
EViews (Quantitative Micro Software)
RATS (Estima)
S-PLUS (Insightful)
Statgraphics (Statistical Graphics Corporation)
TPL Tables (QQQ Software)
TSP International
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!

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Create Adobe PDF Online
Creating Quality Adobe PDF Files from TeX with DVIPS
BibTex for Finance/Economics Journals
MT and MTs
T3, Scientific Word and WorkPlace (TCI Software)
TeX and LaTeX References
Search CTAN
TeX Macros for Economics
TPL Tables (QQQ Software)
Using Xdvi for Presentations

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Classroom Expernomics
"Experiments with Economic Principles" (Bergstrom and Miller)
Games Economists Play
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)
Copyright Management Services (CMS)
Fair Use for Teaching & Research
Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI)
Distance-Education Resources from the Chronicle of Higher Education
Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators
Globewide Network Academy (GNA)
Online Glossary of Research Economics
Iowa Electronic Markets
Univ. of British Columbia Election Stock Market (UBC-ESM)
Center for Academic Integrity
Web Sources Related to Plagiarism
World Lecture Hall: Economics

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Books and Textbooks

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Archive for the History of Economic Thought
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!
Economics Centre of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Textbook Guide
Online Economics Textbooks
Publishers of Economic Textbooks
CyberEconomics: A Semi-Interactive, Almost-Multimedia Way to Learn Economics
Elements of Economics: The People's Introduction to Economic Theory
Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text (McCain)
Managerial Economics (Barry Keating and J. Holton Wilson
"oo...Micro!" (Joe Daniel)
Archipelago Economics Courses


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Abstracts of Articles on Microeconomic Topics in Selected Newspapers
Census Data and Exercises for College Classes
Critique Me.Com
Current Value of Old Money
DIA Agency Inc.
Economic Reporting Review
Economics Trading Cards from the Economics Club at the University of Michigan-Flint
Griesinger Films
Idea Channel
Net Benefits: The Revolution Linking Statistics & ICT
Nobel Memorial Prizes in Economics
Resampling Stats
Wizard of Oz, Monetary Economics, and 19th Century Populism
World Bank EDI Economic Policy Forums
World Game of Economics

Research and Support

Research and Support - Link to RFE page
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)
EcEd Web
Economic Education Station
Economics and Business Education Association (EBEA)
Faculty Cyber-Handbook on Technology
Economics Centre of the Learning and Teaching Support
Foundation for Teaching Economics
Journal of Economic Education
National Center for Research in Economic Education
National Council on Economic Education (NCEE)
Resources for University Teachers of Economics (Wall Street Journal)

Tutorials and Exercises

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Academic Assistance Access
Budget Explorer
Click & Learn Regression
Coin Flipping Page
Edward Flaherty's Page on Economic Myths
Election Calculator
eur macro tutor
Fair Division Calculator
Learning Skills on the Internet
National Budget Simulator
Problems in Microeconomics
Simulation of Macroeconometric Models
Virtual Economy (U.K.)
Walras Law and Macroeconomics

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JokEc: Jokes About Economists and Economics
One Line Economics
Apache Web Server Project
Cemetery Records Online
Critique Me.Com
DoubleClick Opt-Out
EDSAC Simulator
First Computer Bug
Interactive Marine Observations
Internet Moving Images Archive: Movie Collection
Mission Statement Generator
Microsoft TerraServer
Money Origami
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
Portraits of Well-known Economists
Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other)
Trip.Com Flight Tracker
Volunteers Catalog Mars' Craters for NASA