Aristotle University of Thessaloniki





an ESF Exploratory Workshop on


Hyperbranched polymers as novel materials for nanoscale
applications : insight from experiment, theory and simulations

under the auspices of the European Polymer Federation


Fodele, Crete, Greece

26-28 May 2008

Fodele Beach


Scope and objectives of the workshop

The central goal of the proposed workshop is twofold:

i) to bring together scientists from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds in contact, in order to establish an active network among researchers in this field

ii) to discuss the perspectives and the main challenges at the forefronts of each discipline concerning the behavior of hyperbranched polymers, allowing an exchange of ideas and expertise toward a coordinated and collaborative approach of the existing problems.


  1. New hyperbranched materials : controlled synthesis and characterization
  2. Role of topology and microstructural details to physical properties
  3. Recent developments in the theoretical description and simulational models for hyperbranched systems
  4. Novel applications of hyperbranched molecules: problems and perspectives



  • 30 participants, 18 invited talks, 12 contributed talks


Please visit regularly the Workshop site for updated information