George Rahonis

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  
54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Office: Glass building, 3rd floor, No 3.16

Phone: +302310998330
Fax: +302310998327

Research Interests
  Automata, Transducers, Formal Power Series, Quantitative Models of Computation, Weighted Logics, Software Architectures



Current projects
  LogicGuard II
  COST Action IC1405 Reversible computation - extending horizons of computing
  COST Action CA15120 Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed)

Teaching (links in Greek)
Fall 2017 Undergraduate

Introduction to Computer Programming (C++)

  Formal language theory
Spring 2018 Undergraduate
  Theoretical Computer Science I
  Automata over semirings


Students' hours for June 2018 exams period


  Paulina Paraponiari, PhD student
  Maria Pittou, PhD student
  Nikolaos Terpsiadis, PhD student


Former PhD student
  Eleni Mandrali

Conferences hosted
  CAI 2005 QUANTLOG 2009
  CAI 2007 Workshop on Algebraic Foundations in Computer Science
  CAI 2009  


CIAA 2017 CSL 2017 CSR 2017 DLT 2017 ETAPS 2017 FACS 2017 FSDM 2017 GandALF 2017 ICALP 2017 LICS 2017 MFCS 2017 STACS 2017
CSL 2018
CSR 2018 DCFS 2018 DLT 2018 ETAPS 2018 GandALF 2018 ICALP 2018 LICS 2018 MFCS 2018 STACS 2018

  Book: Handbook of Weighted Automata
  Seminar on Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics (before 2015 in Greek)
  ERASMUS course: Quantum computing by Dr Mika Hirvensalo