Literature Graph of Scholarly Articles Relevant to COVID-19 Study

Spaceland Embedding of Sparse Stochastic Graphs

Sparse Dual of Density Peaks

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Processing and analysis of scattered data samples, acquired or generated in various applications, typically involve iterative …

To develop a novel robust method for medical image denoising that uses prior anatomical structure information to perform spatially …

To facilitate adaptive image filtering operations, addressing spatial variations in both noise and signal. Such issues are prevalent in …

We present LARK, a mobile web application at, that provides location-aware information content.

Recent Publications

A novel digital platform, named STORK, was developed in the COVID-19 pandemic when clinic visits were restricted. A study of its …

We introduce a new method for vertex clustering or community detection on directed graphs (digraphs). The new method is an extension of …

We introduce the computational problem of graphlet transform of a sparse graph. Graphlets are fundamental topology elements of all …

We introduce a new method for temporal pattern analysis of scientific collaboration networks. We investigate in particular virus …

We introduce a nonlinear method for directly embedding large, sparse, stochastic graphs into low-dimensional spaces, without requiring …


Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • ΗΥ3302 Computer Systems
  • ΗΥ3402 Programming Techniques
  • ΗΥ3603 Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
  • ΗΛ0401 Digital Filters
  • ΗΥ3604 Embedded Real Time Systems
  • 011 Computer Organization


Best student paper finalist

Sparse Dual of the Density Peaks Algorithm for Cluster Analysis of High-Dimensional Data

Men’s four, 2nd Place (Silver)

Men’s double skulls, 3rd Place (Bronze)

Hackathon coding competition, Aeneas, 2nd Award

Application development competition, Prisma, 1st Award

Performance scholarships for the 1st year of studies