She graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Sciences of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.). She named Doctor of Philosophy of the Chemical Engineering Department of A.U.Th.. She is now a Scientific Assistant in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of the Chemical Engineering Department.

She teaches part of the courses of Physical Chemistry in the second and third semester  and Laboratory Experiments in the fourth semester of the under graduated students.

Her research interests are: a) experimental and theoretical study of the thermodynamic and physical properties (vapor-liquid equilibria at high pressures, calorimetry, density, relative permittivity, refractive index) of associated mixtures, b) physicochemical methods of extraction (supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide, subcritical extraction with water) and classical methods of extraction (Soxhlet, water distillation) of natural products. She has 10 publications in international journals and 10 participations in national and international conferences.