Artemis Chatbot
Artemis is a downloadable chatbot capable of human-like written conversation.  The program is available to download for free, and doesn't require any installation.  You can find more information about Artemis by following the links in the sidebar to the left.


The Artemis chatbot is a downloadable bot, whose function is based on pattern recognition. To use it, type your comment in the input box that appears, and afterwards press "Enter" or click on "Submit".  Artemis will reply in the text box above.

Artemis can play three games: Hangman, guess-the-number and rock-paper-scissors. Knows 193 country capitals. Can tell information such as date, time, current month and use this information in appropriate sentences. Various other chatting abilities, including mixing colors, comparing sizes of some objects and countries etc.

Artemis has participated several times in the annual Chatterbox Challenge chatbot competition, winning 1st place overall in 2010.