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HERMES is a research project aiming at the use of Internet for Real Time GNSS positioning, mainly in Northern Greece (regions of MACEDONIA, THRACE and EPIRUS). The goal is to apply this modern technique in geodetic and surveying engineering applications including photogrammetric, cartographic, cadastral and GIS applications as well. Since October 2010 nine permanent GNSS stations transfer their data to the Hermes_Caster.

The Caster is a PC server which is streaming RTCM data of all participated permanent stations using the NTRIP protocol (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) to any GNSS user allowed to be properly connected.

Therefore the GNSS user determines his position in real time from his own observations and the transferred RTCM data of the selected permanent GNSS station.

In this way the obtained accuracy depends on the type of GNSS receiver (C/A, L1, L1/L2) and the distance from the permanent GNSS station.

In general the accuracy varies from sub-meter (DGPS) to few centimeters (RTK), enabling many applications in the above fields.

Hermes is steered by a team of Profs A. Fotiou, D. Rossikopoulos C. Pikridas and V. Tsioukas.

Recently, the monitoring status of Ionopshere and Troposphere was added. TEC values and map generation were added by the GNSS_QC research team. TEC estimated values for the permanent stations of the Network could be provided under request.