Christina Boutsouki

Christina Boutsouki is currently an Associate Professor in Marketing at the Economics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds a BSc in Mathematics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) an MSc in Operational Research (Lancaster University, Management School) and a PhD in Retail Marketing (Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Retailing and Marketing).



BSc Economics

Consumer Behavior
Strategic Marketing
Marketing Research


MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Services Marketing


Advertising & Communication
International Marketing

MSc Informatics & Management

Strategic Marketing
Advertising & Consumer Behavior


The main areas of research interest are:

Advertising effectiveness

Recent advertising projects focus on the effect of humor on advertising, the impact of gelotophilia and katagelasticism on the appreciation of humorous advertising, political advertising, stereotypes in advertising, minimalism in advertising and the effectiveness of humorous advertising.

Store and web atmospherics

Environmental characteristics have a significant influence on consumer behavior. Research projects in the area of atmospherics focus on the effect of environmental factors on services, effective online atmospherics, the impact of store ambience on impulse and planned behavior.

Social media communication

Looking into different forms of advertising in Social Media, Facebook use among teenagers, visual metaphors in online advertising, guilt appeals in social media ads.

Consumer engagement

Research on consumer behavior towards own label and organic products, consumer engagement through social media.


Journal Publications

Hatzithomas, L., Boutsouki, C., & Ziamou, P. (2016). A longitudinal analysis of the changing roles of gender in advertising: a content analysis of Super Bowl commercials. International Journal of Advertising, 1-19.

Chatzithomas, N., Boutsouki, N., Chatzithomas, L., & Zotos, Y. (2014). Social media advertising platforms: a cross-cultural study. International Journal of Strategic Innovative Marketing, 1(2), 74-90.

Vlachopoulou, E., & Boutsouki, C. (2014). Facebook usage among teenagers–the effect of personality and peer group pressure; an exploratory study in Greece. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 8(4), 285-299.

Tsichla, E., Hatzithomas, L., & Boutsouki, C. (2014). Gender differences in the interpretation of web atmospherics: A selectivity hypothesis approach. Journal of Marketing Communications, 1-24.

Hatzithomas, L., Boutsouki, C., & Zotos, Y. (2016). The role of economic conditions on humor generation and attitude towards humorous TV commercials. Humor - International Journal of Humor Research 29(4):483-505

“How funny is it? Gelotophilia, Katagelasticism and Disparagement Humor”, 2016 International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) June 30th to July 2nd Ljubljana, Slovenia (M. Voutsa, L. Hatzithomas, C. Boutsouki,Y. Zotos).

“In Good Times and Bad Times…A longitudinal Analysis of Greek Election Campaigns”, EMAC 2016, Oslo (E. Tsichla, L. Hatzithomas, C. Boutsouki and K. Zotos)

“Visual Metaphors in Online Advertising: The role of Hard-Sell versus Soft-Sell Advertising Copy”, EMAC 2016, Oslo (L.Hatzithomas, A. Manolopoulou, C. Boutsouki)

“Mass marketing strategies: do they affect consumers’ perception towards luxury branding? ICCMI 2015, 31st June-2nd July, London, (Κ. Margariti , C. Boutsouki, L. Hatzithomas).

“A cross-cultural analysis of message content in corporate facebook posts: message strategies and consumer response”, ICORIA 2015, 2-4 July, London, (L. Hatzithomas, C. Boutsouki, L. Ziamou, M. Gotzabougiouki).

“Guilt appeals in social ads: experimenting with Google Adwords”, EMAC 2015, Leuven, (L. Hatzithomas, R. Evagorou, G. Zotos, C.Boutsouki).

A model for consumer engagement in eWOM via Social Media, EAA’s 13th International Conferences on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), 26-28 June 2014, Amsterdam, (L. Hatzithomas, C. Boutsouki, V.Pigadas and Y. Zotos).

The role of economic conditions on the effectiveness of greek humorous TV advertising, EAA’s 13th International Conferences on Research in Advertising (ICORIA),26-28 June 2014, Amsterdam, (L. Hatzithomas C. Boutsouki and Y. Zotos)


Conference Publications


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