Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Animal Husbandry, Ichthyology,
Ecology & Environmental Protection

Ελληνική 'Εκδοση


Main research interests

  • Production methods of farm animals, with emphasis on ruminants, and their effects on animal health and welfare
  • Feeding behaviour and physiological mechanisms that underlie food intake and diet selection in farm animals
  • Interactions between nutrition and disease in farm animals
  • Interrelationship of genetics and disease in farm animals
  • Product quality from farm animal production systems
  • Factors affecting voluntary feed intake and diet selection of farm animals
  • Physiological mechanisms underlying diet selection in farm animals
  • Growth and development of farm animals
  • Organic Livestock production systems
  • Modelling the responses of animals to their treatments including feeding and health challenges

Research programs

  • EEC project (No 8001CT 91030008). The improvement of the quality and marketability of sheep meat produced in the less favoured areas (LFA) of the Community (CAMAR 8001CT 91030008).
  • Project 31 ED. 575 "Improvement of the productivity of the Indigenous Greek Goats by top crossing" funded by the Hellenic General Secretary of Research and Technology.
  • Scottish Agriculture College (SAC) project "Learning and the regulation of food intake and diet selection in ruminants".
  • EEC project "Identifying and changing the qualities and composition of meat from different European sheep types which meets regional consumer expectations" (FAIR3-CT96-1768, OVAX)
  • Collaborative project with the Institut in France researching "Consumer preferences of pork chops» in Different European countries."
  • Collaborative project with the researchers of "Universite Joseph Fourier" in France studying the "Genetics of domestic cattle, Horses and Donkeys from Mediterranean countries".
  • SAFO: Sustaining Animal Health and food Safety in organic Farming, European Commission funded Concerted Action (QLK5-CT-2002-02541).
  • EPEAEK II, PYTHAGORAS project "Effects of a specific type of natural zeolite on the performance of broiler chickens and on the quality of the microenvironment"
  • Collective Research Project- Stage 1 "Dairy products in Mediterranean sheep populations: quantification of scrapie risk." (EQUAL- co-funded by the Greek General Secretariat of Research and the European Commission)

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