Alexandros Pitilakis
Hi! Welcome to my personal homepage =)


Check out my recent talk at CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference (June 2021): "Optical Pulse Propagation in Graphene-comprising Waveguides: Beyond the Perturbative Nonlinear Regime" [Slides PDF] [Video Recording].

I will also be presenting a talk at the Metamaterials conference (September 2021): "Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Proof-of-Concept Multi-functional Microwave Metasurface using Static Loads".

Research & Interests

My prime field of expertise is electromagnetics, theoretical and computational; specifically guided and radiated waves. My current research is focused in two (distinct) areas: graphene-enhanced nonlinear photonic devices and reconfigurable microwave metasurfaces. Here's a couple of my latest works:

My broader interests include silicon photonics, plasmonics, electro-optical phenomena, 2D material physics, metamaterials, liquid crystals, microstructured fibers, classical optics, optical fiber communications, mmWave & THz technology, antennas & propagation. Sounds a lot? Well, a researcher cannot always choose what to work on, and there's always an opportunity to learn new things :)

I have laboratory experience with optical fiber systems, free-space optics and RF/microwave technology.

Brief resume

I was born in Thessaloniki, in 1982, and got my 5-years MSc diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) with a specialization in Telecommunications in 2005, from the engineering faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). I hold another MSc degree, awarded from ENST/Telecom Paris in 2007, including a 6-month internship at Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia Bell Labs) optical transmission group, where I worked on dispersion managed heterogeneous optical fiber networks.

After my military service at the Hellenic Navy, I resumed research, now focused on integrated photonics, supervised by professor Emmanouil Kriezis, leading to a PhD granted in 2014 from ECE/AUTH. My doctorate thesis title is "Analysis, design and characterization of integrated photonic devices based on the hybrid conductor-dielectric-silicon technology" and you can find it here (in Greek, but you can still figure out the math and the figures!).

Since 2014, I've been working as a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with AUTH and FORTH (IESL and ICS), involved in a number of grants, scholarships and research projects, both national and European. Apart from R&D, I've served as an adjunct lecturer at ECE-AUTH (2016-2018) and also at the School of ECE of the University of Western Macedonia (2016-present), fully in charge of teaching senior year undergraduate courses: photonics, optics and antennas & propagation.

Computational electromagnetics

Throughout my involvement with research, from 2004 to this day, I've developed scientific software and simulation tools primarily in MATLAB. It's something that I enjoy and also find useful; when both happen in the same project, so much the better! So, my main tools are various 1D and 2D full-vector mode-solvers and beam-propagation methods (BPM), implemented with analytical formulas (where possible, e.g., when a characteristic equation can be formulated) or finite difference/element methods (FDM/FEM), for complicated geometries. It's surprising how many things one can do with only these tools!

Other, minor projects include coupled spatiotemporal ODEs (e.g. multi-pulse propagation in nonlinear waveguides coupled with carrier effects), ray/geometrical optics, and FDTD.

I'm also experienced in several commercial computer-aided engineering tools.


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