Having 10 years of experience in atmospheric physics and satellite remote sensing I work on the analysis of satellite, ground-based and model datasets. My research focuses on the effects of human activities and natural phenomena on the atmospheric composition and various climatic parameters, and vice versa. My main scientific interests are summarized below:

1) Monitoring of aerosols, clouds, radiation, their interactions and trends as seen from satellites

2) Estimates of the effect of aerosols and clouds on the surface solar radiation levels, using satellite, ground-based and climate model data and radiative transfer simulations

3) Evaluation of regional and global climate model simulations with the use of satellite and ground-based observations

4) Monitoring of atmospheric pollutants, greenhouse gases and their trends from satellites

5) Emission estimates of atmospheric pollutants from satellite observations

I have also been involved in studies focusing on various environmental issues such as the investigation of the:

- atmospheric electric field (or Potential Gradient - PG) (ground measurements)

- Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect in Athens, Greece (ground and satellite-based observations and model simulations)

- Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) in Thessaloniki, Greece (radiosonde measurements)

- Radon and radioactivity in the city of Xanthi, Greece (ground measurements)