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Courses in Physics Department-AUTh Lecture and Lab Courses    1.  Applied Informatics Laboratory-1st semester 2. Physics I-1st semester (Chemistry Department AUTh) 3. Optics-Waves-3rd semester     4. Optics Laboratory-4th semester 5. Magnetic materials and Applications-7th semester 6. Solid State Physics II-8th semester
  BSc theses   (Abstracts in pdf format) 1. P. Nikolaou (03/07/2008) Modulation and study of physical properties in magnetic materials Abstract 2. G. Stefanou (06/03/2009) Structural features of magnetic nanostructures Abstract 3. A. Frangouli (07/07/2009) Study of physical properties on Co-based magnetic multilayers Abstract 4. F. Frageskou (10/07/2009) Structure and Magnetism in Co-based nanostructures Abstract 5. E. Anagnostopoulou (08/03/2010) Study of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications Abstract 6. S. Haitoglou (07/06/2010) Magnetic Hyperthermia: In the survey of the appropriate nanoparticle system Abstract 7. A. Makridis (21/06/2010) Application of Fe magnetic nanoparticles  in magnetic hyperthermia Abstract 8. I. Kazakis (13/07/2011) Study of ferromagnetic Fe/MgO core/shell nanoparticles Abstract 9. I. Mirovalli (19/07/2011) Thermal response of colloidal maghemite nanocrystals Abstract 10. S. Amarantidis (08/07/2013) Design and Study of magnetic nanomaterials for biomedical applications Abstract 11. V. Dergianlis (17/10/2013) Property Modulation in magnetic nanosctructures: Biomedical applicability as magnetic hyperthermia agents Abstract 12. Z. Kalpaxidou (08/10/2014) Commercial ferrofluids as multifunctional magnetic hyperthermia agents Abstract 13. V. Ntomprougidis (08/10/2014) Particle array formation at the nanoscale: Features-Properties-Applications Abstract 14. A. Terzopoulou (06/07/2016) Reliable measurements and Data treatment of heating efficiency parameters in magnetic hyperthermia materials Abstract 15. K. Papamihou (06/07/2016) Magnetic Nanoparticles-Synthesis, Properties and Biomedical Applications  Abstract 16. T. Odutola (12/10/2017) Magnetic field development in modern nanoscale biomedical applications Abstract 17. H. Iliaskou (22/02/2017) «Ex-vivo evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles as hyperthermia carriers» Abstract 18. M. Tsompanoglou (09/10/2019) «Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles: Synthesis, structural and magnetic features» Abstract   19. M. Kaiseroglou (09/10/2019) « Particle arrays at the nanoscale and magnetic features » Abstract 20. A. Babouras (09/10/2019) « Ways to imrpove heating efficiency of magnetic particles in hyperthermia » Abstract
    Courses on Master Program of Physics and Technology of Materials Lessons 1. Magnetic Properties - Laboratory - 2 nd  semester 2. Thin films and Applications II - 2 nd  semester 3. Magnetic nanostructures - 2 nd  semester 4. Introductory projects in research methodology: i). Magnetic multilayers,  ii). Magnetic nanostructures   MSc theses (Abstracts in pdf format) 1. G. Natsiopoulos (20/12/2007) Correlation of structure and magnetism in magnetic multilayers Abstract 2. A. Hatzipavlidis (30/10/2008) Physical property modulation in magnetic multilayers Abstract 3. J. Giannarakis (03/07/2009) The role of multilayering in magnetic response of Co Abstract 4. Th. Ginis (23/10/2009) Synthesis, characterization and technological applicability of magnetic nanoparticles Abstract 5. K. Brintantis (1/10/2010) GROWTH AND ORGANIZATION OF HYBRID NANOCRYSTALS: STRUCTURAL, ELECTRONIC AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES Abstract 6. K. Bakoglidis (25/02/2011) Magnetic Hyperthermia: Influence of structural and magnetic features on thermal response of magnetic nanoparticles  Abstract 7. A. Salmatonidis (23/10/2012) Influence of ferromagnetic features on the thermal response of magnetic nanoparticles  Abstract 8. S. Tresintsi (27/02/2013) Evaluation of Fe/MgO nanoparticles for effective Ar removal Abstract 9. M. Perissi (08/07/2013) Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of AC thermal response of hydrophilic Fe 3 O 4  nanoparticles Abstract 10. A. Makridis (21/10/2013) Ιn-vitro evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles as magnetic hyperthermia agents Abstract   in Master Course of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies 11. S. Mathioudaki (17/07/2014) Commercial ferrofluids as AC magnetic hyperthermia agents to address diverse biomedical aspects Abstract 12. E. Myrovali (31/10/2014) Magnetic nanoparticle arrays: Effect on magnetic hyperthermia Abstract 13. O. Patsia (23/03/2015) Optimization of Magnetic Hyperthermia via synthesis parameters of magnetic nanoparticles Abstract 14. Z. Kalpaxidou ( (27/03/2017) Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia: A phantom and ex-vivo study Abstract PhD theses supervision (*) & advisory commitee member (Abstracts in pdf format) Successfully completed 1. S. Mourdikoudis (10/03/2009) Self-assembly mechanisms in magnetic nanoparticles and arrangement in two dimensional arrays - Abstract   2*. K. Brintakis (22/09/2017) Growth and Organization of hybid nanocrystals: Structural, Electronic and Magnetic properties - Abstract  3. K. Vamvakidis (13/12/2018)  Manganese ferrite nanoparticles suitable as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging and as magnetic hyperthermia carriers - Abstract 4*. A. Makridis (12/04/2019)  Magnetic nanostructures and nanomagnetism for modern biomedical applications - Abstract 5. A. Kotoulas (05/02/2020) Synthesisi characterization and study of Magnetic Nanoparticles for technological and biomedical applications - Abstract 6. Ν. Maniotis (13/03/2020) Numerical simulation and characterization of magneto-thermal and magnetomechanical fatigue on living matter- Abstract 7*. E. Myrovali (27/03/2020)  Nanoscale magnetic nanoparticle arrays: Growth, Properties, Applications- Abstract Underway 1. D. Karfaridis (underway since May 2016)  Growth, structural and magnetic characterization of advanced nanoscale heterostructures for magnonic applications  2*. A. Tsiapla (underway since Oct 2018) Technological and biomedical applications of magnetic nanostructures 3*. G. Natsiopoulos (underway since June 2019) Magnetism: From nanoscale till real world. Materials, Properties, Applications Invited Lectures (Presentations in pdf  format) 1.   Ag-Co multilayers: From film growth to GMR sensor, Group Seminar- AG Baberschke, Freie Universitat, Berlin-Germany, 11 July 2000. 2. GMR study leading to sensor fabrication on the Ag-Co system, Laboratoire de Cristallographie, CNRS, Grenoble-France, 28 July 2001. 3. Study of the magnetoresistance mechanisms in Pd- Ni multilayer system, 1 st  Seeheim Conference on Magnetism, Seeheim-Germany, 9-13 September 2001. ( pdf ) 4. Magnetic nanostructures: Growth, characterization, perspectives, Summer School on Physics of Advanced Materials, Thessaloniki-Greece, June 30-July 11 2003. ( pdf ) 5. Quantitative   Magnetic Analysis   of   Nanostructures,   International   Summer   School   &   4 th    Workshop   on   'Synthesis   and   Orbital   Magnetism   of   core-shell   nanoparticles   within   the framework of the EU funded RTN project SyntOrbMag, Thessaloniki-Greece, September 26-October 1, 2006. ( pdf ) 6. When resistance gets giant, Student’s Seminar in School of Physics-AUTh , 19 February 2008. ( in Greek - pdf ) 7. The   effect   of   intentional   alloying   in   the   magnetism   of   XPt   (X=Fe,   Co)   based   Nanostructures,   8 th    International   Workshop   on   Synthesis   and   Orbital   Magnetism   of   core-shell nanoparticles Mittelwihr-Colmar-France, October 24-25, 2008. ( pdf ) 8. Magnetic hyperthermia: In the quest of the proper nanoparticle agent, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona-Spain, July, 12, 2010. ( pdf ) 8. Magnetic   properties   of   nanoparticles   useful   in   biomedical   applications,   Experimentalphysik-AG   Farle,   Fachbereich   Physik,   Universitaet   Duisburg-Essen,   Germany,   October, 28, 2011. ( pdf ) 9. Design rules for magnetic nanoparticles in medical applications, 23 rd  Edgar Lüscher Seminar 2012, Klosters-Switzerland, February 04-10, 2012.  ( pdf ) 10. Magnetic   Nanoparticles:   Biomedical   Applicability   as   heating   mediators,      4 th    International   Advances   in   Applied   Physics   and   Materials   Science   Congress   &   Exhibition (APMAS2014), Oludeniz-Turkey, April 24-27, 2014. ( pdf ) 11. Nanoscale   magnetism   and   its   biomedical   applicability,   30 th    Panhellenic   Conference   on   Solid   State   Physics   and   Materials   Science,   Heraklion,Crete-Greece,   September21- 24, 2014. ( pdf ) 12. Biomedical    Nanomagnetics:   Advances,    current    trends    and    challenges,    International    Baltic    Conference    on    Magnetism:    Focus    on    Biomedical   Aspects,    Svetlogorsk- Kallinigrad-Russia, 30/8-03/09/2015. ( pdf ) 13. Magnetic nanoparticles: A multifunctional vehicle for modern theranostics, 6 th  Zing Bionanomaterials Conference, Varna-Bulgaria, 08-11/05/2016. ( pdf ) 14. «1. Applications   of   Nanomaterials   in   Medicine,   2.   Biomedical   Nanomagnetics: Advances,   Current Trends   and   Challenges,   3.   Magnetic   Hyperthermia: A   versatile   platform   for heat-triggered   Modalities»   in   3 rd   PAM   International   School   on   Application   of   Nanomaterials   in   Medicine,      Sharif   University   of   Technology,   Tehran-Iran,   November   02   –   04, 2016. ( pdf1 )  ( pdf2 )  ( pdf3 ) 15. «Cancer   Cell   Fate   Control   By   Magneto-Mechanical   Treatments»   in   COST   EMF-MED   Workshop   on   Non-Thermal   EMF   Cancer   Treatment,   Warsaw-Poland,   February   15, 2017.  ( pdf ) 16. «Magnetic   Particle   Hyperthermia:   Multifunctional   modes   for   effective   cancer   treatments»   in   31 st    annual   meeting   of   the   European   Society   for   Hyperthermic   Oncology:   ESHO 2017, Athens-Greece, June 21-23, 2017.  ( pdf ) 17. «From   particles   to   oriented   assemblies:   Effects   on   magnetism   and   applicability»   in   International   Baltic   Conference   on   Magnetism   (IBCM):   Focus   on   functionalized   magnetic structures for energy and biotechnology, Svetlogorsk-Kallinigrad-Russia, August 20–24, 2017. ( pdf ) 18.   «Magnetic   Nanoparticles:A   multifunctional   vehicle   in   modern   theranostics»   in   3rd   ENMF:   Exploring   Novel   Medical   Frontiers,   Thessaloniki-Greece,   January   26-28,   2018. ( pdf ) 19.   «Control   of   cancer   cell   fate   by   magnetically   driven   treatments»,   COST-RADIOMAG   Workshop:   Multifunctional   Nanoparticles   for   Magnetic   Hyperthermia   and   Indirect Radiation Therapy: Firenze-Italy, October 16-18, 2018 ( pdf ) 20. «Nanomagnetism & Biomedical applicability», EETSY Workshop: Materials at the Nanoscale, Thessaloniki-Greece, November 03-04, 2018 ( pdf ) 21. «Nanomagnetism in modern biomedicine», ERC Starting Grant SLaMM Workshop: Advanced theranostic nanomedicine in oncology, Pisa-Italy, January 31, 2019 ( pdf )
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