Invited Lectures (Lectures in pdf format)     1.  Ag-Co multilayers: From film growth to GMR sensor, Group Seminar- AG Baberschke, Freie Universitat, Berlin-Germany, 11 July 2000. 2. GMR study leading to sensor fabrication on the Ag-Co system, Laboratoire de Cristallographie, CNRS, Grenoble-France, 28 July 2001. 3. Study of the magnetoresistance mechanisms in Pd- Ni multilayer system, 1 st  Seeheim Conference on Magnetism, Seeheim-Germany, September 9-13 , 2001. 4. Magnetic nanostructures: Growth, characterization, perspectives, Summer School on Physics of Advanced Materials, Thessaloniki-Greece, June 30-July 11, 2003. 5. Quantitative   Magnetic Analysis   of   Nanostructures,   International   Summer   School   &   4 th    Workshop   on   'Synthesis   and   Orbital   Magnetism   of   core-shell   nanoparticles   within   the framework of the EU funded RTN project SyntOrbMag, Thessaloniki-Greece, September 26-October 1, 2006. 6. The   effect   of   intentional   alloying   in   the   magnetism   of   XPt   (X=Fe,   Co)   based   Nanostructures,   8 th    International   Workshop   on   Synthesis   and   Orbital   Magnetism   of   core-shell nanoparticles Mittelwihr-Colmar-France, October 24-25, 2008. 7. Magnetic hyperthermia: In the quest of the proper nanoparticle agent, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona-Spain, July, 12, 2010. 8. Magnetic   properties   of   nanoparticles   useful   in   biomedical   applications,   Experimentalphysik-AG   Farle,   Fachbereich   Physik,   Universitaet   Duisburg-Essen,   Germany, October, 28, 2011. 9. Design rules for magnetic nanoparticles in medical applications, in 23 rd  Edgar Lüscher Seminar 2012, Klosters-Switzerland, February 04-10, 2012.  10. Magnetic   Nanoparticles:   Biomedical   Applicability   as   heating   mediators,      in   4 th    International   Advances   in   Applied   Physics   and   Materials   Science   Congress   &   Exhibition (APMAS2014), Oludeniz-Turkey, April 24-27, 2014. 11. Nanoscale   magnetism   and   its   biomedical   applicability,   30 th   Panhellenic   Conference   on   Solid   State   Physics   and   Materials   Science,   Heraklion,Crete-Greece,   September21- 24, 2014. 12. Biomedical   Nanomagnetics:   Advances,   current   trends   and   challenges,   International   Baltic   Conference   on   Magnetism:   Focus   on   Biomedical   Aspects,   Svetlogorsk- Kallinigrad-Russia, 30/8-03/09/2015. 13. Magnetic nanoparticles: A multifunctional vehicle for modern theranostics, 6 th  Zing Bionanomaterials Conference, Varna-Bulgaria, 08-11/05/2016. 14. «1.   Applications   of   Nanomaterials   in   Medicine,   2.   Biomedical   Nanomagnetics:   Advances,   Current   Trends   and   Challenges,   3.   Magnetic   Hyperthermia:   A   versatile   platform for   heat-triggered   Modalities»   in   3 rd   PAM   International   School   on Application   of   Nanomaterials   in   Medicine,      Sharif   University   of Technology, Tehran-Iran,   November   02   –   04, 2016. 15. «Magnetic   Particle   Hyperthermia:   Multifunctional   modes   for   effective   cancer   treatments»   in   31 st    annual   meeting   of   the   European   Society   for   Hyperthermic   Oncology:   ESHO 2017, Athens-Greece, June 21-23, 2017. 16. «From   particles   to   oriented   assemblies:   Effects   on   magnetism   and   applicability»   in   International   Baltic   Conference   on   Magnetism   (IBCM):   Focus   on   functionalized magnetic structures for energy and biotechnology, Svetlogorsk-Kallinigrad-Russia, August 20–24, 2017.
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Courses in Physics Department-AUTh Lecture and Lab Courses    1.  Applied Informatics Laboratory-1st semester 2. Physics I-1st semester (Chemistry Department AUTh) 3. Optics-Waves-3rd semester     2. Optics Laboratory-4th semester 3. Magnetic materials and Applications-7th semester 5. Solid State Physics II-8th semester
  BSc theses   (Abstracts in pdf format) 1. P. Nikolaou (03/07/2008) Modulation and study of physical properties in magnetic materials Abstract 2. G. Stefanou (06/03/2009) Structural features of magnetic nanostructures Abstract 3. A. Frangouli (07/07/2009) Study of physical properties on Co-based magnetic multilayers Abstract 4. F. Frageskou (10/07/2009) Structure and Magnetism in Co-based nanostructures Abstract 5. E. Anagnostopoulou (08/03/2010) Study of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications Abstract 6. St. Haitoglou (07/06/2010) Magnetic Hyperthermia: In the survey of the appropriate nanoparticle system Abstract 7. A. Makridis (21/06/2010) Application of Fe magnetic nanoparticles  in magnetic hyperthermia Abstract 8. I. Kazakis (13/07/2011) Study of ferromagnetic Fe/MgO core/shell nanoparticles Abstract 9. I. Mirovalli (19/07/2011) Thermal response of colloidal maghemite nanocrystals Abstract 10. S. Amarantidis (08/07/2013) Design and Study of magnetic nanomaterials for biomedical applications Abstract 11. V. Dergianlis (17/10/2013) Property Modulation in magnetic nanosctructures: Biomedical applicability as magnetic hyperthermia agents Abstract 12. Z. Kalpaxidou (08/10/2014) Commercial ferrofluids as multifunctional magnetic hyperthermia agents Abstract 13. V. Ntomprougidis (08/10/2014) Particle array formation at the nanoscale: Features-Properties-Applications Abstract 14. A. Terzopoulou (06/07/2016) Reliable measurements and Data treatment of heating efficiency parameters in magnetic hyperthermia materials Abstract 15. K. Papamihou (06/07/2016) Magnetic Nanoparticles-Synthesis, Properties and Biomedical Applications  Abstract 16. T. Odutola (12/10/2017) Magnetic field development in modern nanoscale biomedical applications Abstract 17. H. Iliaskou (22/02/2017) «Ex-vivo evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles as hyperthermia carriers» Abstract
Courses on Master Program of Physics and Technology of Materials Lessons 1. Magnetic Properties (Theory and Laboratory) - 1 st  semester 2. Thin films and Applications II - 2 nd  semester 3. Magnetic nanostructures - 2 nd  semester 4. Introductory projects in research methodology: i). Magnetic multilayers,  ii). Magnetic nanostructures   MSc theses (Abstracts in pdf format) 1. G. Natsiopoulos (20/12/2007) Correlation of structure and magnetism in magnetic multilayers Abstract 2. A. Hatzipavlidis (30/10/2008) Physical property modulation in magnetic multilayers Abstract 3. J. Giannarakis (03/07/2009) The role of multilayering in magnetic response of Co Abstract 4. Th. Ginis (23/10/2009) Synthesis, characterization and technological applicability of magnetic nanoparticles Abstract 5. K. Brintantis (1/10/2010) Growth and characterization of iron-oxide magnetic nanocrystals Abstract 6. K. Bakoglidis (25/02/2011) Magnetic Hyperthermia: Influence of structural and magnetic features on thermal response of magnetic nanoparticles  Abstract 7. A. Salmatonidis (23/10/2012) Influence of ferromagnetic features on the thermal response of magnetic nanoparticles  Abstract 8. S. Tresintsi (27/02/2013) Evaluation of Fe/MgO nanoparticles for effective Ar removal Abstract 9. M. Perissi (08/07/2013) Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of AC thermal response of hydrophilic Fe 3 O 4  nanoparticles Abstract 10. A.    Makridis    (21/10/2013)    Ιn-vitro    evaluation    of    magnetic    nanoparticles    as    magnetic    hyperthermia    agents Abstract   in    Master    Course    of    Nanosciences    and Nanotechnologies 11. S. Mathioudaki (17/07/2014) Commercial ferrofluids as AC magnetic hyperthermia agents to address diverse biomedical aspects Abstract 12. E. Myrovali (31/10/2014) Magnetic nanoparticle arrays: Effect on magnetic hyperthermia Abstract 13. O. Patsia (23/03/2015) Optimization of Magnetic Hyperthermia via synthesis parameters of magnetic nanoparticles Abstract 14. Z. Kalpaxidou ( (27/03/2017) Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia: A phantom and ex-vivo study Abstract PhD theses supervision & advisory commitee member (Abstracts in pdf format) 1. St. Mourdikoudis (10/03/2009) Self-assembly mechanisms in magnetic nanoparticles and arrangement in two dimensional arrays Abstract  (advisory commitee member) 2. A. Kotoulas (underway since Feb 2009) Growth, characterization and study of Magnetic Nanoparticles for technological and biomedical applications (advisory commitee member) 3. K. Brintakis (underway since Dec 2010) Growth and Organization of hybid nanocrystals: Structural, Electronic and Magnetic properties (supervision) 4. K. Vamvakidis (underway since  July 2012) (advisory commitee member) 5. A. Makridis (underway since May 2014) (supervisor)   Magnetic nanostructures and nanomagnetism for modern technological applications 6. E. Myrovali (underway since Dec 2014) (supervisor) Nanoscale magnetic nanoparticle arrays: Growth, Properties, Applications 7. D. Karfaridis (underway since May 2016) (advisory commitee member) Growth, structural and magnetic characterization of advanced nanoscale heterostructures for magnonic applications.